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Subject: Re: Amie de Gaveston Rebuttal - Part 4: A Damsel's Life
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 2003 19:59:10 EST

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> The Winchester Cathedral effigy identified as Arnaud de Gaveston may
> turn out not to be him - though I think it probably was.  I think the
> two inscriptions of 'Petrus Gauston' found on it - thought to have
> been guides for an original inscription - might instead indicate that
> Piers had paid for the effigy & tomb, and his untimely execution
> prevented it being finished with a full inscripti

That is most unlikely. One does not put the wrong name on an effigy. The
effigy was undoubtedly for a Petrus Gaveston, not Arnaud, and was most likely
ordered in advance by Piers for his father and remained unfinished because
Piers fell from power. We know, as you say, from the arms that this is not
Piers the earl portrayed on the effigy.

<<We have to prove the existence of a Piers the Elder first, before we can
assign him wives, mistresses, daughters, etc. >>

I think his existence is proved by these contemporary records. At the very
least, we need to be careful in concluding that Piers the earl was the person
meant by the fine document -- thus Amie's parentage is still unproved except
that we know her father was a Petrus Gaveston.

- Ken

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