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Subject: Re: Amie de Gaveston Rebuttal - Part 4: A Damsel's Life
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> How many bastard daughters of other Earls were so placed?
You insist the mystery is solved when it is not. You ask for examples of
other earls and automatically assume that your mindset is correct by this
very question. I am saying that she is likely not the daughter of an earl
at all.

No matter how you cut it, the relationship between Edward II and Piers de
Gaveston was extremely strong and extremely unusual. Bastardy was not the
social disgrace that you seem to think is was. Piers daughter -- bastard or
no bastard -- would be noticed because of the supreme fame of the father and
the very special relationship that he had with the king. Joan was noticed ...
Amie would be noticed as well. Bastardy has nothing to do with it, but
fabulous fame and a natural curiosity of chroniclers to record the pulse of
their times has everything to do with it.

It is quite easy to see Amie as the half-sister of Piers who came to England
from France well after her half-brother was only history. This explains ALL
the circumstances quite well. The ONLY evidence that she was the daughter of
a Petrus Gaveston at all is an entry many years later that does not make it
clear that Piers the Earl was the person meant. Had they meant the Earl, I
think they would have stated that they meant the former earl in that
document. They did not, so it is safe to assume that they meant someone who
was not the earl ... the father of the former earl that bore the same name is
the BEST guess as to who this Petrus was. The references in such documents do
not leave any doubt as to who is meant. If the persons are not identified by
their titles, then they are identified by their very specific holdings that
fell to them because of their title. In the case of this fine, there is no
such clarity that the earl was there person meant. Thus, Amie can EASILY be
the daughter of Piers' father, also named Piers, as there is a contemporary
record that says that was his name. Also, the unfinished effigy with the name
Petrus Gaveston inscribed and unfinished -- an image of a man that is
obviously not Earl Piers -- brings its own testimony to the real name of
Piers' father.

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