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Subject: Re: Amie de Gaveston Rebuttal - Part 4: A Damsel's Life
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2003 23:21:24 EST

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> Conclusion:
> *A) The only Petrus de Gaveston who could have fathered Amie that we
> know of at this time is the infamous Piers Gaveston, Earl of Cornwall.
> The fact that Amie first appears in record in the royal household,
> and the mention in the above Fine of Sir Robert Darcy, a longtime
> retainer and loyal supporter of Piers and Edward II, indicating he was
> at least aware of Amie's marriage to John de Driby, support the
> identification of Amie's father 'Petrus' as Earl Piers.
Actually, that is not the only conclusion we can make. The effigy of Piers we
talked about earlier and the contemporary records that states that the father
of Piers was also named Piers gives us the distinct possibility that Amy
could have been the half-sister of Piers instead of his daughter. To believe
that Amy was his daughter, we must accept that Edward II did absolutely
nothing for the daughter of his favorite after his illegal execution. This is
extremely hard to believe with the closeness of their relationship. Also, Amy
would have had to have been born quite close to the same time that Joan was
born to be Piers daughter. The fact that no one mentions is and no chronicler
observed it and no record of any kind was made about her existence makes the
most sense if she is a half-sister of Piers that came to England at a later
date. This cannot be ignored.

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