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From: (Brad Verity)
Subject: Re: Amie de Gaveston Rebuttal - Part 2: Joan Gaveston
Date: 16 Jan 2003 00:46:26 -0800
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"Vickie Elam White" <> wrote in message news:
> Brad,
> Thank you for posting such thorough analyses of
> this matter. You're the best!
> Vickie Elam White

Dear Vickie,

Thank you. I'm glad you're finding it useful. There's still Parts 3
and 4 to come, then the Amie summary will be over, and I'll focus on
Piers' paternity. So many people contributed to the Amie discussions
last year, including yourself, and I've learned a lot about medieval
genealogy from all of you. These summaries are the result of the
research of many, not just me.

It's pretty amazing at the wealth of material that was covered under
the Amie topic - often overshadowed by the intensity of the debates.

Cheers, -----Brad

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