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Subject: Re: Reginald de St. Valery and His Descendants
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 13:45:14 +1200
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Dear Brad

Keats-Rohan (DD ; 698) places Laura as daughter of Rainauld de St Valery,
Steward of Normany who d. shortly after 1164. She was married first to John,
Count of Ponthieu by whom she was repudiated, and secondly Alleaume de

Laura's other siblings were
-Walter, archdeacon of Rouen d.1171
-NN, mother of Gerard II de Picquigny



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Subject: RE: Reginald de St. Valery and His Descendants

> Is there a connection between this St. Valery family and Lorette de St.
> Valery, wife of Aleaure de Fontaines? Moriarty in NEHGR 106:281 mentions
> that the ancestry of the Fountaines can be found in the "Dict. de la
> Noblesse of Cheneye des Bois (vol. VIII, p. 242)." However, I have not
> able to locate this source. Does anyone have access to this source? If so,
> is there a connection to the St. Valery family of this thread? Thank you.
> Hal Bradley
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> Dear Todd, Stewart, Rosie, et al.,
> Many thanks for the sources (both citations and translations) and
> analyses provided. This certainly moves us toward an acceptable solution
> the St. Valery pedigree and the relationship of that family to the dukes
> Normandy.
> It is interesting that Richard II's second wife (and presumably former
> mistress, based on Norman predilection if not custom) was Papia; certainly
> good basis for ascribing the wife of St. Valery of the same name as a
> daughter of descendant of Richard II. I presume this is either closely
> related to the name Poppa, or is actually the same name? This would then
> indicate that Papia, daughter of Richard I, had been given the name of her
> paternal great-grandmother, the wife of Rolf/Hrolf, progenitor of the
> ducal line.
> That being said, Todd, I think you've delivered an excellent
> reconstruction of this family based on the sources.
> Best regards,
> John *
> * John P. Ravilious

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