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What branch of de Beauchamps are these:
1. Humphrey de Beauchamp b. Bef. 1252/53 d. 1317 m. Bef. 1280
Sybil Oliver d. aft. 1305
2. Robert V, de Beauchamp b. aft. 1223 d. 1264 m. Bef. 1246
Alice de Mohun b. abt. 1222 Dunster, Somerset, England d. 1284
3. Robert IV, de Beauchamp m.
Julianna _________
4. Robert III, de Beauchamp d. 1195
5. Robert II, de Beauchamp d. Aft. 1158
6. Robert I, de Beauchamp d. aft 1090

Can anyone make any corrections or additions? Are the numbering of the
Robert's correct? I have seen them numbered differently.
Thank you,
Allene Trowbridge Hintz


This is a totally different and unrelated Beauchamp family, the Beauchamps
of Hatch descended from Simon de Valletort in the male line and Robert fitz
in the female. I can't vouch for the complete accuracy of this.

1. Robert fitz Ivo
2. Robert I de Beauchamp
3. Robert II de Beauchamp
4. dtr of Robert II de Beauchamp m. Simon de Valletort, son of Hugh de
5. Robert III de Beauchamp m. Juliania Brett
6. Robert IV de Beauchamp m. Alice de Mohun
7. Humphrey de Beauchamp m. Sybil Oliver



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