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From: (Brad Verity)
Subject: Re: Tunstalls of Thurland Castle
Date: 19 Dec 2001 19:09:27 -0800
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(Douglas Richardson) wrote in message

> Below please find some information on Sir Thomas Tunstall and his
> wife, Isabel Harington, and on their son, Sir Thomas Tunstall, and his
> wife, Eleanor Fitz Hugh. My sources are cited for both generations.
> I show your Alice, wife of Sir Thomas Parr, to be the daughter of Sir
> Thomas Tunstall, by Isabel Harington. This material will eventually
> appear in the forthcoming book, Baronial Ancestry, the third book in
> the planned Royal Ancestry series. I wish to thank Leslie Mahler for
> kindly pointing out the Chippingdall book mentioned below to me.


Many thanks for your informative post. A suggestion for your Tunstall
article in your book: add Joan Mowbray as the second wife of Sir
Thomas Tunstall (d. 1415). This is per the article on Sir Thomas Gray
in Roskell's HOP.

Have a wonderful holiday!


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