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From: (Douglas Richardson)
Subject: Re: Tunstalls of Thurland Castle
Date: 19 Dec 2001 08:49:34 -0800
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Dear Brad ~

Below please find some information on Sir Thomas Tunstall and his
wife, Isabel Harington, and on their son, Sir Thomas Tunstall, and his
wife, Eleanor Fitz Hugh. My sources are cited for both generations.
I show your Alice, wife of Sir Thomas Parr, to be the daughter of Sir
Thomas Tunstall, by Isabel Harington. This material will eventually
appear in the forthcoming book, Baronial Ancestry, the third book in
the planned Royal Ancestry series. I wish to thank Leslie Mahler for
kindly pointing out the Chippingdall book mentioned below to me.

Best always, Douglas Richardson, Salt Lake City, Utah


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I. ISABEL HARINGTON, married before 1392 THOMAS TUNSTALL, Knt., of
Thurland (in Tunstall), Burrow, Cantsfield (in Tunstall), Hubberthorn,
Leck, and Newton, co. Lancaster, son and heir of William de Tunstall,
Knt., of Thurland (in Tunstall), Cantsfield, Burrow (in Tunstall),
Leck, Newton, etc., Knight of the Shire for Lancashire, by his wife,
Katherine. They had five sons, William, Thomas, Robert, Nicholas and
John, and six daughters, Mary (wife of John Radcliffe, Knt.),
Margaret, Alice, Elizabeth (wife of Robert Bellingham, Esq.), Eleanor
(wife of John Redman, Knt.) and Katherine. In 1397 he obtained a
license to found a chantry in Thurland Castle where priests were to
pray for him and his wife Isabel and the souls of his parents. In
1402 he had license to crenellate his mansion of Thurland and to
enclose 1,000 acres as a park. He fought as a knight at the battle of
Agincourt in 1415. SIR THOMAS TUNSTALL died 5 November 1415.


Thomas D. Whitaker, Hist. of Richmondshire, 2 Pt. 2 (1823),
unpaginated, Tunstall chart.

Testamenta Eboracensia, 3 (Surtees Soc., vol. 45) (1865): 321.

William Langton, ed., Abstracts of Inquisitions post Mortem (Chetham
Soc., vol. 95) (1875): 115-116.

H.S.P. 16 (1881): 327-328 (1563/4 Vis. Yorkshire) ("Sir Thomas
Tunstall Knight = Izabell doughter to Sir Nycolas Haryngton")
(Tunstall arms: Sable, three combs argent).

George H.S.N. Plantagenet Harrison, Hist. of Yorkshire: Wapentake of
Gilling West (1885): 300-301 (Tunstall pedigree).

VCH Lancaster, 8 (1914): 232-233 (Tunstall arms: Sable three combs
argent), 237-238.

Visitations of the North (Surtees Soc., vol. 144) (1930): 80-81
(Tunstall pedigree) ("Dominus Thomas Tunstall miles = Isabella filia
Nicholai Harington militis").

Col. W. H. Chippingdall, Hist. of the Parish of Tunstall (Chetham
Soc., n.s., vol. 104) (1940): 18-20, 28-29.

Children of Thomas Tunstall, Knt., by Isabel Harington:

i. THOMAS TUNSTALL, K.B. [see next].

ii. MARGARET TUNSTALL, married RALPH PUDSAY, Knt., of Barforth, co,
York [see PUDSAY 9].

iii. ALICE TUNSTALL, married THOMAS PARR, Knt., of Kirkby Kendall, co.
Westmorland [see PARR 8].

iv. KATHERINE TUNSTALL, married JOHN PENNINGTON, Knt., of Muncaster,
co. Cumberland.

II. THOMAS TUNSTALL, K.B., younger son of previous generation. He
fought as a man-at-arms at the battle of Agincourt in 1415. He was
heir male in 1425 to his older brother, William Tunstall, by which he
inherited the manors of Thurland (in Tunstall), Burrow (in Tunstall),
Cantsfield (in Tunstall), and Leck, co. Lancaster. He was knighted in
1426 for his conduct at the battle of Verneuil in 1424. He married
before 18 February 1427 (date of pardon for marrying without a
license) ELEANOR FITZ HUGH (Magna Carta Surety descendant and
descendant of Charlemagne), widow of Philip Darcy [5th Lord Darcy]
(died 2 August 1418), and daughter of Henry Fitz Hugh, Knt., 3rd Lord
Fitz Hugh, of Ravensworth, co. York, by his wife, Elizabeth, daughter
and heiress of Robert de Grey, Knt. They had three sons, Richard,
Knt., Thomas, Esq., and William, Esq., and two daughters, Elizabeth
(or Isabel) (wife of Simon Norwich, Esq.) and Joan. SIR THOMAS
TUNSTALL died c. 1434/5, leaving a will appointing his wife and his
uncle, William Harington, Knt., his executors. His widow married
(3rd) HENRY (or HARRY) BROMFLETE (or BROUNFLETE), Knt. (died 16 Jan.
1468/9), Lord Vescy, of Londesborough, co. York. She died 30
September 1457 at Newington, Middlesex.


Thomas D. Whitaker, Hist. of Richmondshire, 2 Pt. 2 (1823),
unpaginated, Tunstall chart.

H.S.P., 16 (1881): 327-328 (1563/4 Vis. Yorkshire) ("Sir Thomas
Tunstall Knight son & heyr = Elenor doughter of .. Fytzhugh").

George H.S.N. Plantagenet Harrison, Hist. of Yorkshire: Wapentake of
Gilling West (1885): 137, 300 (misdates will of Sir Thomas Tunstall as
13 Henry VI).

Visitations of the North (Surtees Soc., vol. 144) (1930): 80-81
(Tunstall pedigree) ("Dominus Thomas Tunstall miles = Aleonora filia
domini Fitzhugh").

C. T. Clay, ed., Yorkshire Deeds, 7 (Yorkshire Arch. Soc. Record
Series, vol. 83) (1932): 141-142.

Col. W. H. Chippingdall, Hist. of the Parish of Tunstall (Chetham
Soc., n.s., vol. 104) (1940): 20-21, 28-29.

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(Brad Verity) wrote in message news:<>...
> I'm still trying to determine the Tunstall of Thurland tree of the
> early 15th century.
> Alan B. Wilson provided the following in a post a couple years
> previous:
> First Generation
> ---------------------------------------------
> 1 Alice TUNSTALL.[75],[188],[553, 9HKB-2S] Born ca 1415. Of Thurland
> Castle (Lancs).[75, @],[553, *@]
> Alice married Thomas PARR Sir[74],[75],[188],[338],[553, 9GTX-1V].
> Second Generation
> ---------------------------------------------
> 2 Thomas TUNSTALL Sir.[75],[188],[338],[553, 9HQ4-8J] Born ca 1358.
> Of
> Thurland Castle (Lancs).[75, @],[553, *@] Thomas died bef 1416.[188,
> +],[553, + (1415)]
> Thurland Castle (Lancs) is 2&1/2 m. W. Burton-in-Lonsdale.
> ca 1382 Thomas married Isabel HARINGTON. [553, =@]
> 3 Isabel HARINGTON.[188],[553, 9HQ4-9P] Born ca 1364 in Brearley
> (Yorks)
> England.[553, *@]
> This conflicts with information in CP, which has "She [Alianore, da.
> of Sir Henry FitzHugh, Lord FitzHugh] m., 2ndly (pardon for marrying
> without the King's consent, 18 Feb. 1426/7, Sir Thomas Tunstall, of
> Thurland, co. Lancaster."
> They had three sons and two daughters, one of whom might have been
> Alice Tunstall, who married Sir Thomas Parr and was ancestress of
> Queen Katherine Parr. If so, then Alice Tunstall could not have been
> born about 1415, as stated by Mr. Wilson above. Sir Thomas Tunstall
> and Eleanor Fitzhugh were not married until about 1425.
> If she was born about 1364, Isabel Harington, in Second Generation
> above, could not have given birth to a daughter about 1415. Not just
> because she would have been about 50 years old at the time, but
> because her husband Sir Thomas Tunstall was married to Joan Mowbray,
> the widow of Sir Thomas Gray, by about 1405, according to Roskell's
> HOP.
> Possible parents for Alice Tunstall, wife of Sir Thomas Parr:
> 1) Sir Thomas Tunstall of Thurland (b. ca. 1358) and his first wife
> Isabel Harrington. This would place Alice's birth before 1400.
> 2) Sir Thomas Tunstall of Thurland and his second wife Joan Mowbray
> (b. 1367/8). This would give Alice a descent from Edward I, and place
> her birth in the 1402-1412 range.
> 3) Sir Thomas Tunstall of Thurland (son of the above) and his wife
> Eleanor Fitzhugh. This would place Alice's birth after 1425. It
> might still give her a descent from Edward I if Sir Thomas the younger
> was the son of Joan Mowbray and not Isabel Harington.
> If anyone has any further information, please share.
> Happy Holidays, --------Brad Verity

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