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From: (Stewart Baldwin)
Subject: Re: Amie de Gaveston
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2001 04:43:05 GMT
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On 31 Jan 2001 07:28:22 -0800, wrote:

>Not hardly. There is another alternative that makes much more sense. Paul
>only proved that Amy was illegitimate, not who her parents were.

This is simply not true. This has already been pointed out several
times before, but it looks like it bears repeating yet again. Amie de
Gaveston is explicitly referred to as a daughter of Piers ("Petrus")
in a contemporary fine, so all attempts to make Amie an illegitimate
daughter of Magaret de Clare are in direct conflict with this very
important piece of evidence. These attempts to "save" this alleged
(and completely nonexistent) royal line in the face of such clear and
convincing disproof look more and more like an extreme case of wishful

Stewart Baldwin

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