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Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 03:33:03 -0000
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Yes, that's what it looked like _ab initio_ ---- from his frantic posts.

Pure thumb-sucking speculation, web-spinning and conspiracy-mongering.

Speculative suggestions and opining offered up in lieu of historical and
genealogical facts.

Not a valid substitute for evidence.

Case Closed.

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"Stewart Baldwin" <> wrote in message
| Yesterday, I reread Paul Reed's article ""Proving" Illegitimacy: Amie,
| the Daughter of the King's Favorite, Piers de Gaveston - Not That of
| His Wife" [NGSQ 88 (2000): 32-49], and I also read (for the first
| time) Robert Todd's article "Amy de Gaveston: A Case Study of her
| Parentage" [The Plantagenet Connection 8 (2000): 205-225]. Having now
| had the chance to compare the two articles side by side, it is my
| opinion that Paul Reed has made his case for Amie being an
| illegitimate daughter of Piers de Gaveston, and that Robert Todd's
| attempts to argue otherwise are completely and utterly unconvincing.
| It seems to me that the two most important points are:
| 1. A contemporary fine explicitly refers to Amie as a daughter of
| "Petrus" (i.e., Peter or Piers) de Gaveston.
| 2. Amie did not share share in the Clare inheritance, and therefore
| was not the daughter of Piers by his wife Margaret de Clare.
| These two facts taken together are, in the absence of contrary
| evidence, sufficient to make the case, but Paul also gave plenty of
| additional supporting evidence, and showed quite clearly why some of
| the attempts to make Amie a daughter of Margaret were wrong.
| Robert Todd's article attempts to argue that Amie was not a daughter
| of Piers, but an illegitimate daughter of Margaret. However, no
| direct evidence is ever offered that this was the case. The entire
| case comes down to a suggestion (never supported by any reasonable
| evidence) that the "truth" was that Amie was Margaret's illegitimate
| daughter, and that the account that she was a daughter of Piers was a
| deliberately constructed falsehood to hide the truth. In my opinion,
| this theory is not worthy of serious consideration.
| Stewart Baldwin

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