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Subject: RE: Father of Amy de Gaveston
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 22:53:16 -0800

thank you hines for pointing out gryphon's alter ego. i have been
impressed with his demeanor and knowledge and now that i know he if for
hire, i'll be making contact with him in about 6 months for some
assistance with the utah archives.

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Subject:Re: Father of Amy de Gaveston

Silly troll.

Do some genealogy and history first. Post some chains of reasoning and
facts, not wool-spinning.

Your post, infra, is all cotton candy, throat-clearing, chest-pounding
and thumb-sucking speculation.

There's not a dram of genealogical OR historical substance in it.

Silly, ineffective, foolish troll.

He wanted to beard the FASG, Paul Reed ---- who is man enough to use
own name here ---- as does David Greene ---- another FASG. A third
FASG, Neil D. Thompson, who hides behind the foolish pseudonym
"gryphon801" is too cowardly and insecure to do that.

"el_zorro_escoses" is cut from the same cloth ---- perhaps it's

Exitus Acta Probat.

Deus Vult.

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<> wrote in message

| To Paul C. Reed, FASG.
| I have suppressed my immediate urge to respond to your second
| dated 01/20/2001, on the above subject until I had read your original
| article in the "NGSQ 88 (March 2000): 32-49".
| From your vague and obtuse remarks to date, I could not even
| your position on the subject at hand, let alone the reasonfor your
| condescension. For the benefit of those of us who are not fortunate
| enough to be part of Mr. Reed's cognasci, Mr. Reed's position,
| absolutely and unequivocally, is that Amy is the daughter of Piers de
| Gaveston. She is definitely NOT the daughter of Margaret de Clare.
| on previously overlooked evidence that other contributors to this
| describe as "convincing" and "plausable", Mr. Todd's position is
| the converse.
| Having read your article, I must admit that I am more confused than
| ever, and ask that you enlighten this forum about the meaning of
| closing remark "Remember that Margaret's mother was Joan "of Acre"".
| only interpretation I can draw is that either this is an example of
| 'looking at information in a too superficial manner', or that you are
| reinforcing Mr. Todd's position.
| I gather that you are trying to make the analogy that 'like mother,
| daughter' in that because Joan was born "in Acre" when her mother
| accompanied Edward I (then Prince Edward) there, then by the same
| prevailing custom Margaret should have accompanied Piers into
| I suggest that you do more than a cursory research. Read the
| of the Templar of Tyre" by Philip of Navare, in "Les Gestes des
| Chiprois" edited by G. Raynaud, Geneva, 1887. The Templar recounts
| in 1271, Prince Edward was attacked in his own bedroom, where he and
| princess were sleeping. When a saracen spy brazenly knocked, Edward
| opened his door wearing only his shirt and drawers, whereupon Edward
| stabbed with a poisoned knife. If it weren't for Edward knocking him
| senseless to the floor and then dispatching him, perhaps "Joan of
| might not have existed. The obvious lesson to be passed down from
| to Margaret would be not to accompany your husband into the enemy's
| backyard - it's too dangerous for your health!
| From the genealogical point of view, this is also a poor example. I
| remind you that the second husband of Joan 'of Acre' was Ralph de
| Monthermer, her 1st husband's household servant. Reportedly, Joan
| married Ralph about one year after Margaret's father died 'because
| was smitten by his charms and personality'!
| Are you implying that by the analogy 'like mother, like daughter',
| Margaret was also smitten? Could it be that while Piers was off
| Robert the Bruce all over the highland marshes that Margaret was
| more than her knitting to pass the time?
| If there is another interpretation to this analogy, please enlighten
| this forum.
| (:)-) "Who was that masked man?"
| In article <>,
| (Reedpcgen) wrote:
| > I have already read a five-page response to your article by John
| Parsons,
| > whom I consider extraordinarily knowledgeable in this specific
| and this
| > case. I agree entirely with his conclusions, but as I understand
| will
| > eventually send this response to KHF, I feel it would be
| of me to
| > reveal his points before they have a chance to be properly
| for
| > publication. I leave it to Ken and John to decide what should be
| before I
| > build on what he points out.
| >
| > I would suggest if there is any further original research to be
| it should
| > be done in royal household accounts and Exchequer records to
| if
| > possible whether Margaret accompanied Peirs and the royal party
| Scotland.
| > Remember that Margaret's mother was Joan "of Acre".
| >
| > Paul C. Reed, FASG

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