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Sure thing.

Alienor d'Aquitaine it is. Glad we smoked that out. <g>

And Leonor de Castilla [1242-1290] was indeed Edward I's first wife.

Both books sound quite interesting ---- must buys, in my opinion.

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"John Carmi Parsons" <> wrote in message

| Um. Edward I's first wife was Eleanor of Castile, really. But as it
| happens, I am just now finishing up a book of essays on Eleanor of
| Aquitaine, assembled from historians and literary specialists as well
| art historians. Among other contributions to our knowledge of the
| one of the authors establishes that she was probably born in 1124 (not
| 1122), and that she was probably the mother of nine children by Henry
| not eight. Other articles deal with literary images of Eleanor, in
| own time as well as in later ages, and there are some excellent
studies of
| her governmental activity, which will here be scrutinized for the
| time in light of new evidence. The collection will drastically redraw
| pictures painted of Eleanor by such earlier writers as Amy Kelly,
| Meade and Alison Weir. It should go to the press in late February or
| March, and ought to be available from Palgrave Press in New York
| St. Martin's) early in 2002.
| I do have a signed contract with London Books in England to write a
| general survey of medieval European queenship, which is to be ready
| submission to the press in the summer of 2002, and I'm already at work
| that. It will be as comprehensive as I can make it, both
| and chronologically, although the editors want me to concentrate on
| England. I hope some day to do a monograph on Edward II's wife
| of France, though I just might end up incorporating a lot of the
| I've got ready for that in the general queenship book.
| Thanks for your interest--and for giving me the opportunity for a
| advance publicity.

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