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Subject: Re: Father of Amy de Gaveston
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 22:22:30 GMT
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Hi Brad,

I also must apologise for the delay in answering your very
interesting e-mail, but my work load interferes with my passion to
indulge in this fascinating hobby. I am just now catching up on my e-
mails, my two teenagers permitting! (Guess who gets priority?) You
brought up some very inciteful points, most of which I have covered in
my article.

My article could not hope to cover all of the issues in one article, as
there are so many aspects to this not so simple case that a book could
be written. I have split up my thesis into two, the first covers the
histotical, biographical and of course the genealogical facts that are
presently known and published.

The second half will provide the supporting data on my proposed descent
from the medieval common and canonical law aspects, and I have
committed to Mr. Finton to complete this section for publishing in time
for his Summer 2001 edition of THE PLANTAGENET CONNECTION. It is
almost complete, I just need to polish up some of the wording a bit so
that it flows better. You asked where you could get in touch with the
publisher, this is where you can reach Ken Finton and his web page:

Kenneth Harper Finton
Editor and Publisher
HT Communications / PO Box 1401 / Arvada CO 80001
VOICE: 303-420-4888 FAX: 303-420-4845

You mentioned, in response to Edward pronouncement, that
A number of people pop into my head who would've challenged him over
much less. I cover this in my article, but one thing that I didnt
mention about these brutal times, for example, is that when some one
disagreed with Edwards father, he would take them out for a little
ride for a private chat. It was reported once that one knight
accidentally fell off his horse (in full armor), and died, and a second
case where the person accidentally fell off a cliff!

But Im sure that once you read the article, most of these points
should be covered therein. As I read another response to my posts, I
see that there are even more clues that are just now being developed
from new points of view derived from Mr. Parsons research, a well
respected researcher whose expertise lies in medieval mores and
customs, amongst others. And if you follow another thread on this
society, asking the question: is there anything left to discover?,
there is a great wealth of documents that have yet to be opened, let
alone analysed.

Robert W. Todd

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