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Subject: Re: Piers Gaveston(1284-1312)
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 00:11:02 EST

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<< Ken, Did you receive a critique of Todd's article by John Carmi Parsons,
and will
that scholarly opinion be published in PC? >>

John received a copy of this article in big print, as evidently his cataracts
are still a problem. Whether or not he will be able to write without help
again is not certain, so I only hope that all is well with him and he will
eventually get around to come comments on the article.

Perhaps it is just as well that John Parsons wait a while before responding
as I have heard from Robert Todd. It seems that he had made even more
discoveries on the subject of Amy Gaveston. He is writing another article
dealing and portions of this will discuss the cannonical and the legal
aspects as well.

Most people have not had a chance to see this first article yet, as the mail
is slow these days ... even though it costs more.

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