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Subject: Re: Father of Amy de Gaveston
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 05:44:52 GMT
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Totally unconvincing.

| 3) There was not enough time to properly write
| this book in a timely manner to be published in the Journal;"


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<> wrote in message
| Dear Mr. Richardson:
| In reply to your post I would like to add my own observations to
| yours. First of all, I would also be loath to call Mr. Reeds
| article definitive. As I show in my article, there is lack of
| sufficient factual documentation to offer definitive proof of either
| Joan or Amys birth. There are only four pieces of primary information
| yet not one of them mention the name of the infant and the date of
| birth in the same document. Thus, all conclusions have to be either
| inferred, deduced or assumed. Thus no theory can be declared
| definitive. All we can do, as pointed out by Reed himself, is to draw
| the best possible conclusions from the facts that do survive.
| Unfortunately, this approach is prone to a number of common pitfalls
| when constructing a deductive argument. On the surface they often
| appear valid and convincing, and sometimes only close and careful
| examination reveals the logical flaw. One only has to search the
| archives of this society to see the various permutations and
| combinations of who was the parent of whom etc, in reference to Amy,
| Joan, Margaret and Piers that have been proposed. It is only by
| examination of all the facts and possible scenarios that can rout out
| the arguments that are unsound or invalid.
| I did not intend that this article would provide all the answers
| because: 1) there is so much background information that I have found
| which has not been hitherto published in any article that I have been
| able to read; 2) I would have to write a book to fully cover all the
| aspects of this issue; 3) There was not enough time to properly write
| this book in a timely manner to be published in the Journal; 4)
| Anyways, I doubt that many people would want to wade through the
| details of all the facts and arguments in a journal. :-)
| Regards, Robert Todd
| In article <940j29$qio$>,
| wrote:
| > In article <>,
| > (Gryphon801) wrote:
| > > Try the article by Paul C. Reed in NGSQ 88:32-49 (2000) which is,
| > think,
| > > definitive.
| > >
| >
| > Dear Mr. Thompson:
| >
| > By definition, definitive means conclusive and unalterable; final.
| > Mr. Reed's article was "definitive" as you say, then surely Mr. Todd
| > would not be publishing a competing article with an entirely
| > conclusion a year later. So, no, Mr. Reed's article was not
| > definitive. Not even close.
| >
| > The matter of Amy de Gaveston's parentage needs much more scholarly
| > study. As a trained historian, I wholeheartedly welcome Mr. Todd's
| > article. While Mr. Todd's article doesn't provide all answers to
| > Amy de Gaveston puzzle, I believe it will lead us to a better
| > understanding of the evidence as we now have it.
| >
| > When you have a moment, I know the newsgroup would enjoy hearing
| > comments of Mr. Todd's article. Presuming you've seen Mr. Todd's
| > article, do you agree or disagree with Mr. Todd's conclusions? If
| > agree, why? If not, please explain.
| >
| > Best always, Douglas Richardson, Salt Lake City, Utah
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