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Subject: Re: Father of Amy de Gaveston
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 04:45:17 GMT
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I read through the 127 (!) articles from a Rootsweb search of this topic for
1997. However, I did not see a discussion that described why Amy was
probably not an illegitimate daughter of Margaret de Clare. Did I miss an
article that discussed this?

Richardson's theory in Plantagenet Ancestry seemed reasonable to me.


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> "Ron" <> wrote:
> > As indicated under the Randolph line in Faris, Douglas Richardson
> believes
> > that she was an illegitimate child of Margaret de Clare by an unknown
> father
> > (for the reasons stated on page 299).
> If you do a search in the archives of this message board for 1999 under
> "Amy de Gaveston," you'll find a wealth of information posted about her.
> From what I've gathered by reading through it (and by reading Hamilton's
> 1988 biography of Piers Gaveston and Underhill's 1999 biography of
> Elizabeth de Burgh, Lady of Clare, titled "For Her Good Estate"), it has
> been proven almost absolutely conclusively that Amy was NOT the
> daughter, legitimate or otherwise, of Margaret de Clare.
> It's possible Amy was the illegitimate daughter of Piers, but since the
> only evidence that sheds light on her parentage is a 1334 fine regarding
> the manor of Breedon that mentions "John son of Thomas de Dryby and Anne
> the daughter of Peter de Gaveston." Since other evidence in Queen
> Philippa's household records implies that John and Amy didn't marry
> until 1338, I think more research needs to be done on this particular
> 1334 fine.
> There is NO OTHER EVIDENCE yet found that connects Amy in any way to
> Piers Gaveston, Earl of Cornwall, the favorite of Edward II.
> That said, the rest of the research that has been done on Amy and John
> de Dryby's descendants, seems to hold up. The 14th century couple
> certainly existed and Amy was a documented member of Queen Philippa's
> household.
> But the likelihood that she was a descendant of Edward I is practically
> nil.
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