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Subject: Re: Piers Gaveston(1284-1312)
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 22:42:54 EST

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<< Direct Descendants of Peter de Gaveston

1 Sir Peter de Gaveston aka: Piers de Gaveston b: Abt. 1284 d: 19


+Margaret de Clare b: Oct 1292 d: 9 Apr 1342 ref #:

2 Amy de Gaveston b: Aft. 6 Jan 1311/12 ref #: Ä16A-31

+John de Driby d: Aft. 30 Nov 1357

3 Alice de Driby b: Abt. 1340 d: 12 Oct 1412 >>

Amy was a child of Margaret, but some convincing evidence that she was not
the daughter of Piers is discussed in an article in the new issue of THE
PLANTAGENET CONNECTION (Winter 2000). The author is Robert Todd and many of
you will be receiving this article shortly, as it takes several weeks to
arrive and was only mailed early last week. If that is the case, Robert E.
Lee shares Margaret's genes, but not those of her husband.

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