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From: saki <>
Subject: Re: GEN-DE Help reading two marriage records, Hesse-Darmstadt,1797 and 1811
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 2010 08:00:24 -0700
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Kay Wischkony wrote:
> saki schrieb:


> "Den 24. ist Meister Georg Philipp SCHUCHMANN Bürger
> und Posamentier dahier, des Bürger und Schneidermeister
> Johann Georg SCHUCHMANN zu Reinheim ehelicher Sohn +
> und Jungfer Elisabethe Margarethe VON DER SCHMITT,
> des gewesenen fürstl.[ichen] ????? Försters, Herrn Johann
> Georg VON DER SCHMITT hinterlaßnen jüngster ehel.[ichen] ledige
> Tochter aus Reinheim ???? priesterlich copuliret u. ?????
> ....."
> The "+" could mean, the grooms father also was dead at the
> time of the event or - more likely in my opinion - be the
> reference to a remark or addition elsewhere on the page.

Thanks very much for your help. I appreciate the clarification.

I agree with your opinion about the "+" sign. My experience with this
collection is that the marginal notations refer to the subjects of the
record but noted at a later time, in this case either Georg Philipp or
Elisabethe Margarethe, probably a death notation for the former. The
binding was too tight to read it, unfortunately.

Debra Maclaughlan-Dumes

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