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Subject: [GASCREVE] Screven County Cemeteries
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2008 09:59:16 EST

Hi, Everyone,

I'm trying to prepare an addendum to the Scott Family Book, stating not
only the names of the various cemeteries, but where they are located. I'm
trying something a little different, though; I'd trying to state directions as
maybe to take a Sunday drive versus giving directions to just the one
cemetery. As I'm sure that most of you are aware, many of these churches and
cemeteries are physically quite close to one another. I'd appreciate it if
everyone with any knowledge of Screven County help me out in case of mistakes (I
know I made a few, at least two, I couldn't remember the name of the Church!).
Everyone that does NOT know Screven County, I'd appreciate it if you'd let me
know if you could follow these directions if you happened to come to Screven
County to do research. Thanks in advance for all assistance! Hope to hear
from you soon. Happy hunting!


Screven County Cemeteries & Directions

Highway 301: Coming from Statesboro, and going north on US 301, you will
pass several cemeteries. Not counting Cooperville (you have to turn right or
left onto US 17), the first cemetery will be Doubleheads Baptist Church (on
right), if you turn right here onto Captolo Road, and go down about five miles
or so, this turns into Halcyondale Road, and a couple of miles from here is
Red Bluff Baptist Church. If you continue on in the same direction, you will
dead end into US 17 about five miles further. Going back to US 301, the next
cemetery after Doubleheads is Goloid Baptist/Methodist Church (there are two
churches here, the Baptist and Methodist, separated by a few hundred yards,
but they share the same cemetery). You have to turn left off of 301 onto
Goloid Churches Road, and there are down on the right. The next cemetery on the
right of US 301 on a hill about two miles north of Sylvania. It is very
small but has an above ground crypt for Alexander Kemp. Just past this, turn
right onto the first dirt road, and at the end of this road is an old African
Baptist Church cemetery. Continuing north, you will pass Jacksonboro and
Beaverdam Creek, and the next cemetery is Church (on right). Just past this on a
dirt road is the Roberts Family Cemetery (you have to walk in about a
quarter mile or so). The last cemetery on US 301 in Screven County is Bethel
(Brick) Church, which is just off of 301 on Plantation Road. To get here, turn
left and the cemetery is up on the right.

Highway 17 South: While going north on US 301 coming from Statesboro, turn
right onto US 17 at Cooperville. When you reach Jarrell Pond Road, turn
right and there is the Henderson Family Cemetery. Just past this on the left is
an African Methodist Episcopal (AME) cemetery. Continuing to the south, when
you reach Oliver, the Little Ogeechee Baptist Church Cemetery is on the
right just past the intersection. This is the last cemetery on US 17 in Screven
County, though there are Screven Countians buried at Elam Cemetery about five
miles further down in Effingham County.

Highway 17 North: While going north on US 301 coming from Statesboro, turn
left onto US 17 at Cooperville. About three miles up on the right is Wades
Baptist Church Cemetery (you cannot see it from the road; look for a “two-rut”
road cut into the bank next to the highway). Continuing north on 17, the
next cemetery is Oak Grove Baptist Church (on left). After Oak Grove,
continue on towards Rocky Ford and there are a couple of cemeteries on roads off of
US 17. The first one is Douglas Branch Baptist Church. Turn right onto
Douglas Branch Road, and the cemetery is several miles down on the left. The
next ones are on the Rocky Ford-Sylvania Highway. When you get to Rocky Ford,
turn right at the red light, and about four miles on the left is the
Zeigler-Parker Family Cemetery. Next is Little Horse Creek Baptist Church (turn right
onto Little Horse Creek Road and the cemetery is just up on the right).
After you pass Woodcliff, the Lucas Zeigler Family Cemetery is on the left.
Continue on for about five more miles, and you will run back into US 301 at the
Sylvania Bypass. Back to Rocky Ford and US 17, continue north, and the next
cemetery is the Rocky Ford City Cemetery about a mile north of town on the
right. Continue north and just across the Jenkins County line is the Scarboro
Baptist Church Cemetery. It is on the left just before you reach the church,
and is on the banks of the Ogeechee River. If you turn around and go south
on US 17, just across the railroad tracks at Scarboro, turn right onto Oak
Hill Church Road, and about four or so miles on the right is Oak Hill Baptist
Church Cemetery. There are many Screven Countians here as well. If you
continue on this road past Oak Hill, you will dead end into Highway 21.

Newington Highway: While going north on US 301, when you reach Jacksonboro
(about five miles north of Sylvania), turn right onto GA 24. You will pass
several churches on this road; in order, Friendship Baptist (on left), McBride
Baptist (on right), Buck Creek Methodist (on right), Jackson Baptist (on
right), Captain Martin L. Bryan Family Cemetery (on right), Blue Springs
Christian (on left), and North Newington Baptist (on right). Continue on for about
three more miles to reach Newington and Hwy 21. There are some old family
cemeteries just off of the Newington Highway. First, just after turning off of
US 301 and onto GA 24, about a mile up on the right (in the woods, and about
a half-mile walk) are the Peter W. Reddick Family and African-American
cemeteries. When you reach Brannen’s Bridge Road, you can turn left and down a
couple of miles on the left is Wesleyanna Methodist Church Cemetery. Back to
Hwy 24, if you turn right on Brannen’s Bridge Road, about two miles down on
the right in an overgrown copse in the middle of a cornfield is the Humphrey
Bazemore Family Cemetery. Continue on and you will cross Brier Creek and
eventually wind up at Pine Grove Inn on US 301. Continuing westward, turn onto
Rifle Road, and about a mile or so on the right, you will see a little two-rut
road in a stand of pine trees. Just down this road is the
Poythress-Gross-Scott Family Cemetery. Back to Hwy 24, just past McBride Church, turn left
onto McBride Circle (the second one). Continue to bear right onto Peat Moss
Road, and in a very overgrown area is the Gross-Mercer-Wells Family Cemetery.
Back on Hwy 24, you can turn left onto Mercer Road and just after it turns
into Mouth of the Creek Road, on the left in a grove of trees is the Humphreys
Family Cemetery. If you continue on this road, you will reach the Savannah
River, where Brier Creek flows into it (hence the name “Mouth of the Creek”).
When you get to the crossroads of Hwy 24 and Black Creek Church Road, turn
right and follow the signs to both Black Creek Baptist Church and Middleground
Baptist Church cemeteries. When you reach Newington, go straight across Hwy
21, then turn right onto Union Church Road, and about four miles or so,
Union Baptist Church is on the left.

Sardis Highway: While going north on US 301, when you reach Jacksonboro
(about five miles north of Sylvania), turn left onto GA 24. On the right about
four miles down is Bascom Cemetery. Just before Hiltonia on the right is an
old cemetery, which was recently discovered (I cannot remember the name?).
About a mile west of Hiltonia is the Lovett Family Cemetery, which is the
oldest cemetery in Screven County. You can turn left at the Lovett Cemetery onto
Roberts Bridge Road, go about a mile, then turn left onto Hurst Church Road.
Hurst Baptist Church is about a mile further, with the church on the right
and the cemetery on the left of this road. Back to Roberts Bridge Road,
continue past Hurst Church Road, and when you see a dirt road on the left, turn
left then bear to the right. Continue on around a corn field, and when you
come to a gate, you can see Mt. Pleasant Cemetery (there are quite a few
Roberts and Forehands buried here). Back to Roberts Bridge Road; continue on until
you reach the Hiltonia-Perkins Highway. Turn to the left, and about two
miles up is the old Trinity Baptist Church cemetery (Trinity Church is now the
Six Bridges Hunting Club). At the top of the hill past this cemetery, turn l
eft onto an old dirt road and about three hundred yards or so is the
Lambert-Streagles-Hurst Family Cemetery. Within sight of this cemetery is the old
Skinner House, where George Washington ate breakfast back in 1792. This house
is still standing and is twenty years older than the Dell-Goodall House, but
is being allowed to simply fall down. Back to Roberts Bridge Road; turn to
the right onto the Hiltonia-Perkins Road and about a mile down on the left is
the Church Cemetery. This church used to be at Mt. Pleasant, but was moved
here in the early 1900s. Continue to the Jenkins County line, and right on
this line is an old two-rut road. Walk down this road about a half-mile or so,
and there is the Smith-Pengree Family Cemetery. If you continue on the
Hiltonia-Perkins Road, you will go past Dry Branch Baptist Church (on right), and
come to the Millen-Sardis Highway (SR 23). Back to the Sardis Highway (SR
24); after you pass Hiltonia and the Lovett Cemetery, turn right onto
Millhaven Road. On Millhaven Plantation is the old Millhaven Cemetery; however, I
believe that there are restrictions on visiting this cemetery. After you pass
through Millhaven bear left onto Girard Highway, and about five miles or so
(you’re now in Burke County) is Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery, where many
Screven Countians are buried. Bethlehem is the oldest church in Southeast

Antioch Christian Church Cemetery: Go north on US 301, and while still on
the Sylvania Bypass, turn left onto Buttermilk Road, then after a couple of
miles, turn right onto Antioch Church Road. The church is about a mile on the
left. McDonald Methodist Church Cemetery: The next road after Antioch
Church Road is McDonald Church Road. Turn right and the church is down on the
right. Horse Creek Baptist Church on about ten mile further down on the right,
and is just inside the Jenkins County line. You can follow either of these
roads and they will run into the Hiltonia-Perkins Highway. When you get to
the Hiltonia-Perkins Highway, turn right and go to Hiltonia. When you get to
SR 24, go straight across, and continue on to Millhaven Road. At the
left-hand corner of this road is the Herrington Family Cemetery. Turn right and you
will come back to US 301 at Pine Grove Inn. Continue across 301, and about
two miles down on the left (you have to turn left onto a dirt road) is a very
old African Baptist Church Cemetery (I can’t remember the name right now, but
it may be Oak Grove or something like that).

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