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From: (Christine Mercer-Cleasby)
Subject: [GARFIELD] Diantha Garfield
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 15:48:38 -0600 (CST)

Hi Everyone,
The world as we know it has come to a screeching hault here in Wisconsin
as deer hunting started today. With all the talk of C.W.D. you'd think
they wouldn't all be hunting, go figure.

Anyways, I was sent back a reply from Leicester, VT. this past week and
just today had time to go through it all.
The info I have is concerning Diantha Garfield.
I first came across her name a couple of years ago when I got all the
Garfield info from Schroon. The cemetery records say the
Stoel, Diantha (Garfield) born Lester VT 1806, d. Schroon 1862 - 54 yrs.
old, wife of John.

NOTE - 1862 - 54 years = 1808 not 1806.

It didn't tell anywhere in the Schroon records, who her parents were,
like it does for all the other Garfield's there. I wrote back asking who
her parents were and no one knows.
Then I came across her name again while I was reading, "The History of
Essex Co.,NY." 1885 by H.P. Smith.
Susan, you also referred to her and this same book in a posting dated
Sept. 16, 2000.
Diantha is mentioned on page 727.
"Stoel, John was born in Clarendon, VT, in 1802, and came to Essex
county in 1809. His wife was Diantha Garfield.
Elizabeth, born April 16, 1829, died June 1, 1857
J. Sumner, born Jan. 17, 1831
Bryon D., born March 29, 1833, died Nov. 5, 1864
Abigail, born Aug. 28th, 1835, died March 14, 1856;
Hannah, born, Oct.29, 1837
George, born, Aug. 28, 1839
Diantha M., born Dec. 17, 1841
Adelaide, May 5, 1846."

Here's what I found out from Leicester.
Joshua & Lydia Parker were married in 1795, not in 1797 as I had
previously thought.

Salmon (brother to my Elijah who was one of the first settlers of
Schroon) and his wife Abigail had for children born in Leicester, Vt. in
the following order......
Sally Garfield b. 10/07/1801
Harriet Garfield b. 06/20/1803
Jonathan Sumner Garfield b. 08/22/1805
Hannah Garfield b. 05/06/1807
DYANTTIAL Garfield b. 07/23/1808.

I think this DYANTTIAL is our Diantha. Notice her birth date and also
the similarities in the names of her siblings and her children.
Your comments please! If you already knew this, please let me know. If
I'm really of track, let me know. Thanks, Chrissy

P.S. Dick, Please note the marriage year for Joshua and Lydia, the
spelling "SUMNER'. I know we had been working on these and other
questions earlier in the year.

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