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From: "Eldon Wade" <>
Subject: RE: [GAMORGAN] Edward Wade and Mary Clements
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 19:57:30 -0500
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Hi John,
I never contented that there was a documented direct tie between Pliney
WADE and the WADEs in Greene Co GA. I simply said I believed that
Pliney was the father of the Edward who married Mary CLEMENTS and
eventually ended up in Greene Co GA.

So you don't think anyone in the Revolutionary War was in their 50's?
John there were many patriots in the Rev. War that were in their 50's
and some even older. Our circumstances and standards today and their
circumstances and standards in those days were very different. Today we
have the luxury of choosing (for the most part) whether we want to go to
some foreign place and fight a war for America. In the Revolutionary
War you were either a patriot or a loyalist. Neighbor against neighbor
and you were forced to participate.
By the way, it is great that you are 57 and served in the RVN. I am 60
years old and I spent 15 months with the 1st Marine Division on the DMZ
which if you recall was the hotbed division between South and North

Probably the most noted researcher of this line of WADEs is Ophelia WADE
(whom you quoted below). If you read her complete book you would see
that Ophelia concluded that Pliney is most likely the father of the
Edward who married Mary CLEMENTS.
Most people who have researched this line to any extent at all recognize
Ophelia as the authority.

Lastly, you are certainly entitled to believe whomever or whatever you
choose but when one passes info on to another researcher I still assert
that as a courtesy you have a duty to put the person on guard that there
are differ viewpoints on the accuracy of the data you are passing on.

Researching: WADE, HAMES

I looked that the Pliney WADE material at World Connect but I did
not see anything that made it connect to Morgan or even Greene County,
GA. I did not see any CLEMENTS or CLEMONS in any of the four GEDCOMS
that include Pliney WADE, son of Edward III. However, they did say
Pliney had a son name Edward born 21 Apr 1726 which is well within the
time frame for your Edward but they did not list any marriage for this
Edward WADE.
I then looked back at the Robert WADE and Elizabeth HAMPTON material
and it reads like a Who's-Who" of Madison, GA. The STOKES, the PRYORS,
the BENNETS, the KILPATRICKS, the SCOTTS of Putnam, just to name a few.
As for "their Edward" dying in the RW, these folks were much too old
to be out fighting in any revolution. War is a young man's game, as it
was in my generation - RVN. These folks were all over 50 at the time of
the RW and I am 57 and I sure do not have the will left in me to fight
in another one.
<grin> I am sure they felt much the same way at their age......

John R. Clarke

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From: John R. Clarke [mailto:]
Sent: Wednesday, October 30, 2002 5:08 AM
To: Eldon Wade
Subject: Re: [GAMORGAN] Edward Wade and Mary Clements

Thought you would be interested in these notes if you do not already
have them. I do agree with this person on "who were the parents of
Edward." basically because of the later collateral connections among the
family of Robert and Elizabeth. Also, Edward did live in Pittsylvania
County, VA and this is right next to Halifax, where Robert lived and
while this is no firm proof as to his parents, it is a lot closer than a
parent back in York or Elizabeth City County, VA. I have also included
the vestry listings for Pliney at the bottom of this information.
Edward III actually did not live in York County, VA. He lived in
Elizabeth City County, VA and all of his children, including Pliney,
were christened, there...
Don't you just love genealogy? <grin>

There is some contention on who are the parents of Edward Wade, Sr. I
hold that it is Robert Wade, Sr, m to Elizabeth Hampton. The other
faction is sure that the parents are Plany Ward, m to Mary. At this time
[31 Mar 2002] we are unsure of who is right. More research is definitely
called for. [Mary Glenda Langford Mitchell Forrester].

BIOGRAPHY: From "The Wade Book", by Ophelia Wade:
"Tithables of Pittsylvania Co, VA, in 1767, lists Edward Wade and a
Negro named Pegg, 2 tithes and 200 acres of land. "On 20 Oct 1768,
Edward Wade sells to Stephen Bennett, 226 acres of land on both sides of
Frying Pan Creek, in Pittsylvania Co, VA. This land is adjacent ot James
Wade and Christopher Sutton. The price was ten pounds of Virginia money,
low enough to make the transaction evident as a gift. The witnesses were
Benjamin Clement, Joshua Abstone and Thomas Robertson. The Bennetts sell
this land in 1778. "In May, 1772, Edward Wade was a witness to the witt
of James Waldrope in Pittsylvania Co, VA. "The office of the Clerk of
the Circuit Court at Chatham, Pittsylvania Co, VA, had an old manuscript
which listed the names of persons who took the Oath of Allegience in
1777, as members of a company of militis commanded by Wm Witcher, found
also in Hennings Statutes vol 9, p 281-283, judgement 4-15. Included
among the list of names are Edward Wade, Sr, Daniel Wade, Stephen
Bennett, Edward Wade, Jr, and Peyton Wade. "This constitutes the father,
Edward Sr, two sons, Edward and Peyton, and a son-in-law Stephen
Bennett. I do not know who the Daniel Wade was. The original manuscript
cannot be found, but it is believed that the name David was transcribed
as the name Daniel. This is very easy to do, especially in the old faded
handwriting. "The 1782 Heads of Families census of Pittsylvania Co, VA,
listed Edward Wade with five whites, Peyton Wade with four whites, and
Bryant W Nowling with thirteen whites and three blacks. "The government
began awarding land to its military soldiers, and Edward Wade, David
Wade, Stephen Easley, B W Nowlin, Stephen Bennett received grants in
Sullivan Co, TN, and the entire family moved there, probably in the fall
of 1782. "Edward Wade received 35 acres on Jarroth Branch. David Wade
received 100 acres on Holstein River adjoining John Bailey's lines and
100 acres adjoining his own land. Stephen Easley received 500 acres on
Horse Creek, 300 acres on Horse Creek of Holstein River, and 320 acres
on the east side of George Ridley's survey. Bryant Ward Nowlin received
640 acres on the waters of Holstein River and 200 acres on Jarroth
branch. Stephen Bennett received 150 acres on the flat branch of Horse
Swamp. This land was given to them in 1782, 1783, and 1784. "They didn't
reside in TN very long, because sometime before Nov of 1788 they moved
to GA. "In February, 1790, Edward Wade, now 63 yrs of age, made his
will. He died sometime in the next nine months. His wife survived him,
only to die a short time later. "Thus begins the separation of the
family. They did not like the unhealthy climate that had claimed the
lives of their parents. Some move back to VA and some trek northward in
SC settling near lands that they must have admired as they passed
through on their trip from VA to GA. Some stayed in GA. "In Nov 1790,
Edward Wade, Sr's will was probated and thus began the task of selling
all of his belongings. Among the items sold was ten slaves, one of them
named Pegg, the faithful servant that Edward Wade had owned over 25 yrs.
David Wade purchased Negroes named Milly, Winney, and Hannah; and Thomas
Burford purchased a Negro man named Bob. I will be referring to these
last four slaves again."

WILL: From "The Wade Book" by Ophelia Wade:
"Greene County, GA, Will Bk A, p 84-85:
"In the name of God, Amen. I, Edward Wade of the county of Greene and
State of GA, being in perfect health and of perfect mind and memory,
thanks be given unto God, calling unto mind the mortality of my body,
and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make this
my last will and testament, that is to say, first of all, I give and
recommend my soul into the hand of Almighty God that gave it, and my
body I recommend to the earth to be buried in a decent Christian burial
at the discretion of my executors, nothing doubting but at the general
resurrection, I shall receive the same by the mighty power of God, and
as touching such worldly estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless
me within this life, I give, demise and dispose of the same in the
following manner and form.
"Item: I land to my beloved wife Mary Wade during her life or widowhood,
all my estate of lands, Negroes, stock of all kinds and all my household
furniture and movables, and at her death or marriage my will is that all
my aforementioned estate be sold to the highest bidder amongst the
legatees only, and all the money arising therefrom to be equally divided
amongst all my children, that is David Wade, Lucey Nolin, Grissell
Bennett, Peyton Wade, Edward Wade, Mary Burford, Thomas Wade, Chloe
Easley and Anna Williams, and if any of the said children should die
without heir lawfully begotten of their body, then their part to [be]
equally divided among the rest of the living children and their heirs.
"At the general division of the estate it is my will that all the rest
of my children be made up equal to my eldest son David Wade who hath
received thirty pounds, ????? ??, my daughter Lucy Nowlin hath received
fifteen pounds, my daughter Grissell Bennett fifteen pounds, my son
Peyton Wade twenty pounds, my son Edward Wade fifteen pounds, my
daughter Mary Burford, ten pounds, my son Thomas Wade fifteen pounds, my
daughter Chloe Easley fifteen pounds, and my daughter Anna Williams six
pounds which is to be counted as so much received of their part at a
general division. "And further my will is that all my aforementioned
children or their heirs shall have timely notice to attend when my
aforementioned estate shall be sold. "I give to my deceased daughter
Christian Dalton's heirs one shilling sterling money to be paid to them
by my executors hereafter named. "And lastly, I do constitute and ordain
my two sons, Peyton Wade & Thomas Wade sole executors of this my last
will and testament. I do utterly hereby disallow, revoke and disannul
all and every other former testaments, willw, legacies, bequests and
executors by me in any wise named before; willed & wills and bequeated,
ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and
testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this
eighteenth day of Feb, Anno Domonio, 1790. "Signed, sealed, published,
pronounced and declared by the said Edward Wade as his last will and
testament in the presence of: Thomas Easley, Elisha Bennett, Chloe
Easley, Peyton Nowlin. Edward Wade (seal) "A true copy of the original
recorded the 4th day of Nov 1790 by Will Phillips, RPGC." [A record of
the sale of all or his possessions is in the book, p12-15.] 5 6 2 7 3

Vestry Book of Charles Parish, York County, Virginia:
Births: -W-
Ward, Pasca, sone of Edward by Elizabeth of Elizabeth City County, b.
Oct. 1, 1688 Ward, Plany, son of Edward by Elizabeth, b. Nov. 6, 1690
Ward, Edward, son of Planey by Mary, b. 21 April, Bap. May 13, 1726
Deaths: -W-
Wade, Elizabeth, d. June 28, 1696
Ward, James, d. Jan. 23, 1706
Ward, Mary, d. Feb. 7, 1726
Ward, Humphrey, d. Dec. 13, 1735
Ward, Mary, Widow of Pliney, d. Dec. 24, 1748


John R. Clarke
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Subject: RE: [GAMORGAN] Edward Wade and Mary Clements

> John,
> That info is consistent with what I have but I have done very little
> to verify that because I have no DANIELs in my lines (that I know of).

> It is amazing the endless number of possible connections one can
> encounter. I have lots of BLAKEs but I have not gotten them back to GA

> yet but I suspect they came from there.
> Eldon
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> Researching: WADE, HAMES
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> From: John R. Clarke [mailto:]
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> To:
> Subject: Re: [GAMORGAN] Edward Wade and Mary Clements
> Eldon,
> This is why I have kept the WADES in my database, even if I do not

> always have the correct information or sometimes read it, incorrectly.

> <grin>
> William CLEMENTS, son of Peyton CLEMENTS and Elizabeth HARRIS
> (Peyton's first wife), married an Elizabeth DANIEL (ABT 1764-1847,
> Orange County, NC). Elizabeth was the daughter of Benjamin "Woodson"
> DANIEL and Nancy GOUGE of Granville and granddaughter of Capt. James
> DANIEL and Elizabeth WOODSON of Goochland. Their daughter, Mary
> "Polly" CLEMENTS married Thomas Samuel BLAKE, son of Samuel and Amey
> REDDICK. Does that agree with your information. The BLAKE family is
> all of this DANIEL family up in Granville.
> Elizabeth DANIEL's brother, Capt. John O. DANIEL (1762-1841)
> moved to Elbert County, GA and his son, John F. DANIEL, Sr. born after

> 1790 married Arvilla FANNING. I do not have to mention the numerous
> connections the
> name, FANNING, has in Morgan County, do I? Other children married
> the
> CRAFT, CUNNINGHAM. MEANS, and CASH, Most of these names have links
> Morgan County, GA.
> My problem is my DANIEL family out of Bethany, Jefferson County,
> GA. I cannot connect my DANIEL bunch back to Morgan and I know there
> is a connection between Madison and Bethany, GA, but I do not know
> what it is. However, I do know that my grandmother's 1924 obit (Alice
> Elizabeth DANIEL 1854-1924), written by "WT," stated she descended
> from one of the founding families of Morgan County, GA and William
> Thomas BACON
> (1863-1944) was seldom wrong as far as his knowledge of Morgan County,
> GA families went. WT was also collateral with my Morgan County family
> (his brother married a HUNTER girl) and I understand he was one of my
> grandfather's best friends.
> John R. Clarke
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> Subject: RE: [GAMORGAN] Edward Wade and Mary Clements
> > Hi Mary,
> > I have worked on Mary CLEMENTS for a couple of years and am making
> > slow progress. Bear in mind that these are my research notes and as

> > such require some ingesting before drawing any conclusions. By the
> > way anything you can contribute to this research would be very
> > appreciated.
> >
> > I would also be interested in your feed back after you internalize
> > the
> > data.
> >
> > I have no hard evidence that Mary CLEMENTS is the daughter of
> > Benjamin
> > CLEMENTS nor do I have any hard evidence that she is the sibling of
> > Peyton CLEMENTS b. abt. 1725 and Grissell CLEMENTS b. abt. 1725 but
> > I believe that to be the case. Note that Mary named a son Peyton
> > (b.
> > 1755) and she named a daughter Grissell (b. 1751). There is no
> > that Peyton b. abt. 1725 and Grissell b. abt. 1725 were siblings.
> > Note the will data Peyton below. This is early proof of the link
> > between the CLEMENTS and BURFORDs as Peyton married Elizabeth
> > and Grissell married William BURFORD. Are these BURFORDs linked to
> > Thomas BURFORD b. 1750 who married Mary WADE b. 1761 who is one of
> > daughters of Mary Clements WADE? Thomas BURFORD named a daughter
> > Grizziller (b. 1776). Grissell is often spelled Grizzell so is
> > Grizziller a name sake of Grissell?
> >
> > From "Abstracts of the Wills and Estate Records of Granville County
> > North Carolina 1746-1808" by Zoe Hargett Gwynn published by Joseph
> > W. Watson Rocky Mount, NC 1973.: 100-Dec. 10, 1773 proved Feb 177--
> > will of PEYTON CLEMMENTS wills to his wife ELIZABETH CLEMMENTS all
> > land whereon I now live and a child's part of all other estate
> > during her lifetime and remainder of estate divided to my children:
> > Thomas, William, Tyree, Jesse, Phillip, Grissell Clemments after the

> > death of my wife ELIZABETH. Exrs: Friend James Martin, William
> > Buford, my wife Elizabeth Clemments. Wit: Grissell Buford, Thomas
> > Farrell, Wm. Burford
> > (sic) 226-Feb Court 1779-Elizabeth Clements, guardian of Tyree
> > Clements, orphan of Peyton Clements, deceased, renders account from
> > Nov 20, 1774 and also for orphans Jesse Clements, Phillip Clements,
> > and Grissell Clements, orphans of Peyton Clements, deceased.
> > Peyton's wife Elizabeth was a Burford prior to their marriage as I
> > understand. She remarried to a James Comer in Oct 1779 and the whole

> > familiy seems to have moved to Greene Cty., GA. shortly thereafter.
> You
> > will note in will extract that once the spelling is Buford and once
> > Burford. I'm pretty sure it is Burford from some other research I
> > have done. The family also seemed to be close to the West family in
> > NC and many of these appear in Greene Cty., GA with the Comers and
> > Clements.
> >
> > Eldon
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> > Researching: WADE, HAMES
> >
> >
> >
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> > From: Mary Harper [mailto:]
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> > To:
> > Subject: [GAMORGAN] Edward Wade and Mary Clements
> >
> >
> > Edward WADE and Mary CLEMENTS.
> >
> > Do you have any information on the ancestry of Mary CLEMENTS???
> > Would appreciate anything you might have.
> >
> > Mary
> > |
> >
> >
> >
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