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From: Ron Smith <>
Subject: Re: GAMBLE-D Digest V01 #19
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 11:19:29 -0700
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Hello Kamy and All!
I'm always excited to hear from any of you and would like to try and answer at
least one of Kamy's questions. I recently, while researching another branch of
the family that ties into the Gamble's, found a web site by Harry Coker. Harry
has quite a lot of info on the Gamble's that you might be interested in. He seems
to have a lot of documentation for his sources but, as always, his info can't be
guaranteed. Kami, here's what I have on the questions you asked:

"My other question is does anyone out there know of the other children of
John Gamble born between 1696 & 1705 in Ireland and migrated to
Pennsylvania? I have Josias and Moses (our family is descended from
Moses) but in a write up in the Maryville Enterprise dated Friday,
October 1, 1909 it mentions another brother but not by name. This
article was about and entitled "Gamble Reunion - A Large Family
Gathering on the Banks of Little River". It speaks of Josias & Moses
and says "Another brother of Josias Gamble settled in Anderson County,
and his descendants are scattered in various parts of the country, and a
cousin, Aaron Gamble also settled in Blount County and number of his
descendants are still here." Does anyone know who this other brother is
and does anyone know who AARON GAMBLE is?"

Here is what I have with the source of my information (Harry Coker's web site):

Descendants of John Gamble

Generation No. 1

1. John2 Gamble (???1) was born Abt. 1725 in Chester Co., Ireland.

Notes for John Gamble:

ID: I1444
Name: John GAMBLE
Sex: M
Birth: in Chester Co., Ireland

Subject: [GAMEL-L] GAMBLE in PA in 1751
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Dear GAMEL rootsweb:
Following is a land record that a friend found for me. She belonged to some
genealogy service and they went out of business and in order to satisfy their
obligation to her, they sent her a trove of CD's with land records from early PA.
I hope that this can help someone. It at least points to a township which could be
a good starting point for someone. As far as my friend can tell, this is the only
entry she could find for any GAMBLE, GAMMILL, GAMEL or any of the other variants
that I gave to her. Best regards, Carol Vass It is likely his family settled in
Augusta Co., VA, prior to 1755. Then John went to Lancaster, PA where there are
records of land deals in 1747 and 1751. Some of the family remained in VA, where
1.Gamble John Grantee Lancaster Co. 1751 41220

Description Grantee
Residence Lancaster Co., PA
Year 09 May 1751
Book C-51
Property 200 acres in Carnarvon Township
Details Sale

Could the above be my John Gamble?
My John had a brother named David Gamwell, whose daughter, Ann, married John's son
Josias. David Gamwell was probably the brother of John who remained in Augusta
Co., VA, and census taker spelled GAMBLE as GAMWELL.

A John Gamble was granted 150 acres in Lancaster County, PA on June 20,1747
and "his family settled in Augusta County, Va. prior to 1755." This is reported by
Charles E. Kemper in an article, "Early Settlers in the Valley of Virginia."
Whether or not this is the John Gamble who fathered Josias [b.1747], Moses
[b.1750-65] and David in either Lancaster County or Chester County PA is not known
but seems likely. Josias and Moses eventually settled in Blount County TN with
stops in various southwestern VA places in between. David settled in Augusta
County, VA.

1790 census lists a John Gamble in SADSBURY TOWNSHIP, Chester Co., PA Also, a
Hamiltom Gamble is listed in same SADSBURY TOWNSHIP, and EAST FALLOWFIELD TOWNSHIP
lists a Robert Gamble.

Children of John Gamble are:
+ 2 i. Josias3 Gamble, born 1747 in Chester Co., PA; died 1823 in Blount Co., TN.
+ 3 ii. Moses Gamble, born Bet. 1750 - 1765 in Lancaster Co, or Chester Co., PA;
died September 5, 1879 in Blount Co., TN.
+ 4 iii. Andrew Gamble.

Generation No. 2

2. Josias3 Gamble (John2, ???1) was born 1747 in Chester Co., PA, and died 1823
in Blount Co., TN. He married Anne Gamwell/Gamble October 8, 1772 in New London,
Chester Co., PA, daughter of David Gamwell/Gamble. She was born June 24, 1755 in
Newlandin Township, Chester Co., PA, and died August 9, 1801 in Blount Co., TN.

Notes for Josias Gamble:

ID: I640
Name: Josias GAMBLE
Given Name: Josias
Surname: Gamble
Sex: M
Birth: 1747 in Chester Co.,Pa.
Death: 1823
Event: deed grantee 13 MAR 1812 Blount Co.,Tn. 2
Note: He was a soldier from Virginia in the Revolutionary War.
In 1792 there was a settlement on the Little River in Blount Co. called
Gamble’s Station, which had a militia unit to fight Cherokees and Creeks. In
January or February 1793, eighty men assembled at Gambles' in order to attack the
nearby Indian towns in retaliation for the killing of several white people.
Governor Blount himself had to go to Gamble's station to keep the peace. Today
Gamble's Fort is at Highway 73 and Ellejoy Road, east of Maryville, Tn. Josias
Gamble served on a jury in Knox County, Tn. on Aug. 5, 1793. In March 1797 he
recorded his mark and brand in Knox Co. When he lived in Blount Co., Tn. he was
taxed on two slaves and 1,380 acres of land. In Mar. 1812 he paid Miles & David
Cunningham $1300 for lot #33 in Maryville, Blount Co., Tenn.

Children of Josias Gamble and Anne Gamwell/Gamble are:
5 i. John4 Gamble, born September 8, 1773 in Virginia.
6 ii. Andrew Gamble, born August 7, 1775 in Virginia; died 1819. He married
Elizabeth Davidson April 23, 1799 in Blount Co., TN; born Abt. 1775.

Notes for Andrew Gamble:

ID: I1440
Name: Andrew GAMBLE
Sex: M
Birth: 9 AUG 1775 in Virginia
Death: 1819
Fact 1: 1780 signed doc. with wife Nancy

Source of some of the information on Andrew Gamble and his children is:
1. The Gamble Ancestry by Maj. A Marion Gamble, Blount County Library.
2. Josias Gamble - Early Settler of Blount County, article by David Templin
3. Tennessee Pioneer Baptist Preachers
4. W.E. Parham Papers
5. linda Boyer of Neosha, MO (March, 1995)

7 iii. Mary Gamble, born October 17, 1777 in Virginia; died 1838 in Blount Co.,
TN. She married William Henry December 10, 1800 in Blount Co., TN.
8 iv. Moses Gamble, born March 2, 1780 in Virginia.
9 v. Alexander Gamble, born July 10, 1782 in Virginia.
10 vi. David Gamble, born June 6, 1785 in Virginia.
11 vii. Alexander Breckinridge Gamble, born July 18, 1787 in Mecklenburg Co.,
12 viii. Hetty C. Gamble, born April 18, 1791.

3. Moses3 Gamble (John2, ???1) was born Bet. 1750 - 1765 in Lancaster Co, or
Chester Co., PA, and died September 5, 1879 in Blount Co., TN. He married
Elizabeth Campbell. She died in Blount Co., TN.

Children of Moses Gamble and Elizabeth Campbell are:
13 i. Rachel4 Gamble, born Abt. 1787. <--- Kami, here is a Rachel Gamble but
the date doesn't match what you posted.
14 ii. Jane Gamble, born Abt. 1789.
15 iii. Moses Gamble, born August 12, 1794.
16 iv. Josias Gamble, born March 11, 1797.

4. Andrew3 Gamble (John2, ???1)

Notes for Andrew Gamble:

1709 census lists an Andrew Gamble in NEW LONDON TOWNSHIP, Chester Co., PA

Child of Andrew Gamble is:
17 i. Aaron4 Gamble, born March 11, 1781; died November 12, 1849. He married
Agnes Lilburn McMahon; born 1786; died 1878.

As you can see, Andrew Gamble was a brother to Josias and Moses. Andrew's son,
Aaron was the "cousin"
you mentioned above. I have no other information on Andrew Gamble or his son
Aaron. If anyone does, please post it on the GAMBLE-L Rootsweb List for everyone.
By the way, I descend out of Josias Gamble/Ann Gamwell and their son, Andrew

Ron Smith

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