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Thanks for the quick reply.
Sorry, Dick,
I really don't have much on dates on my Gallaghers,
unfortunately, other then the birth and death of
my great grandmother's, Catherine/Katherine Gallagher, Baker. 1889-1963
However your right if yours didn't tip-toe into Philadelphia,
it doesn't matter. I could only guess, depending on position of
my Great grandmother's birth that if she was born in 1889, that
her father John Gallagher might have been born around in the later
1850's or the 1860's and her brother John Gallagher would have been
within the same time period as herself in the 1880's or 90's, again
on their position of birth since I don't know what order they came in and or
my Great grandmothers placement. However, sometime in the early 1930-30
one of the boy's, John, George or William did have a farm of sorts in the
Buck's County, Pa area and again though if yours did not detour into
Pa, then its all mute. lol
But thank you anyway...
Have a great Merry Christmas and Happy/Healthy New Years.

John Gallagher abt:1860ish, Ire-19??, Pa Catherine/Katherine Smith,
abt:1860ish, Ire-19??, Pa
Children: John, William, George, Helen Gordon, Phila,Ann Phister, Mrs.
Wm Slaeter, New Jersey,
Katherine/Catherine Gallagher, Baker, Born:1889 Phila- Died:1963Media,.

Dick Ferguson wrote:
> Hi Esther,
> I just finished checking the notes on my Gallagher families and found
> several John's, but none married to a Catherine (or Katherine) Smith.
> Four of my mother's brothers came to the US. Three ended up in West VA
> where they worked as miners, the other went with my mother and
> grandmother to MA. where he died in 1925 without ever marrying.
> You didn't have any dates in your note which makes it harder to
> establish family connections, but without finding any Catherines it
> didn't much matter
> Sorry about that, but have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year anyway.
> Dick
> Esther Ann wrote:
>> Hi List,
>> I just noticed your inquiry and that you had somewhat local Gallagher,
>> there Dick!
>> I have Philadelphia Gallagher, (which I know there were tons) but bare
>> with me, lol
>> I have a John Gallagher who married a Catherine/Katherine Smith.
>> they had seven or so children, John, William, George, Ann, Katherine,
>> Helen. I'm not
>> sure where they lived in Philly nor unfortunately where they originated
>> from...
>> I have tried through the years, posting and searching online, but there
>> is just so
>> many families with the same names and mine fall through the crack of
>> census times
>> in order to determine one from the others....
>> The only oral history I have been able to gather is that either the
>> parents or one of the
>> brothers did have a farm possibly in the Buck's County area, and one of
>> the boys did
>> work at the Reedman Car Dealership in its early days. However, I have
>> pic's of who
>> we think might be Gallagher guys who use to be line men..... Their
>> physical characters
>> are described as having very jet black hair in youth and dark eyes. My
>> nana was not a
>> tall woman but her love for cooking did result in her being quite large.
>> Now one of her
>> sisters who use to visit and who we think was Helen Hughes, was much
>> taller and
>> a large woman. Two of the sister's did move to the Cape May and
>> Brigatine, New
>> Jersey area by the name of Ann Phister (sp?) and Mrs. Wm Slaeter.(sp?)
>> Does any of this sound
>> familiar to you?
>> Thanks, Esther
>> John Galllagher, - Catherine/Katherine Gallagher
>> Children: John, William, George, Helen Hughes, Phila, Ann Phister, NJ,
>> Mrs. Wm Slaeter, NJ,
>> Katherine Baker, Media, Pa.(my line)
>> wrote:
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>>> Hugh,
>>> Do you have any information on what county or townland in Ireland your Gallagher family originated?
>>> My Gallagher family originated in County Donegal, Townland of Arlands. That area is near Burtonport on Donegal's West coast.
>>> My grandfather was Michael Gallagher, born in Feb of 1862. His parents were Hugh Gallagher and Bridget Campbell. Hugh drowned while fishing in 1870. Our family has no knowledge of any brothers and/or sisters of Michael, but suspect that there may be some since Irish farmers in those days tended to have large families.
>>> Irish records in the 1800s are pretty hard to find. Most official Irish records were kept in Dubl1n and were destroyed in the Irish rebellion about 1922. The Griffith's Valuation is available and confirms that there were several Gallagher families present in the Arlands area in 1857 when the valuation was done. I have found links to the 1901 and 1911 census for that area which has helped add some cousins to my tree but nothing confirmable that will get me back further than my great grandfather Hugh.
>>> If your Gallagher family originated in the Arlands area of County Donegal we may be related.
>>> Dick
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