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Can anyone assist Gary?

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You show John Sullivan as being William Sullivan's first born in 1794.
could very well be myggggrandfather. Do you have any additional info or
suggestion for further research? I know his children moved into north
before the Civil War but have hit a wall as far as John is concerned.
help would be appreciated-I'm just getting into this genealogy
so any info would be helpful. Thanks, Gary

1. William1 Sullivan was born 1755 in South Carolina, and died Abt. 1842
in Lee Co. Ga,. He married (1) Mary Elizabeth. He married (2) Unknown.
He married (3) Martha Ann Abt. 1810.
Children of William Sullivan and Mary are:
2i.John2 Sullivan, born 1794.
+3ii.Mary Sullivan, born 1796.
4iii.Drucilla Sullivan, born 1797.
+5iv.Elizabeth Sullivan, born 1799.
6v.James Sullivan, born 1800. He married Elizabeth.
+7vi.Nicey A. Sullivan, born 1801; died February 16, 1872.
+8vii.Lavenia Sullivan, born 1804; died Aft. 1860.
9viii.Thomas C. Sullivan, born 1805. He married Mary Jane Conner
January 02, 1824 in Montgomery Co. Ga..

Notes for Thomas C. Sullivan:Moved to Pulaski Co. Ga.
Notes for Mary Jane Conner: Mary Jane was the daughter of Rev. Wilson
Conner of the Dead River Community of Montgomery County. In his diary,
Wilson Conner mentioned he visited them at their home in Hartford
(Pulaski County), Georgia in 1830.

10ix.Soloman Sullivan, born 1806; died 1857 in Lee Co. Ga.. He
married Irene.
11x.Samuel Sullivan, born 1808. He married Mary Ann.
12xi.Sarah Sullivan, born 1810.

Child of William Sullivan and Unknown is:
+13i.William2 Sullivan, Jr., born Abt. 1785 in Ga.; died Aft. 1843 in
Lee Co. Ga..

Children of William Sullivan and Martha are:
14i.Andrew Jackson2 Sullivan, born 1815. He married Sarah.
15ii.George W. Sullivan, born 1817. He married Harriet.
+16iii.Sarah Sullivan, born 1818; died July 08, 1881 in Boiling
Springs Church, Treutlen Co. Ga.

Generation No. 2
3. Mary2 Sullivan (William1) was born 1796. She met William Brantley
Mosley, Jr., son of William Mosley and Sarah Phillips.
Notes for Mary Sullivan:In 1849, a Manning Moore brought suit in Superior
Court of Emanuel county Ga against three Sullivan residents: Allen, Mary,
and Sarah; charging them with "Citizenship". Could this be because they
were part Indian?
03-99 - From: Mary Sullivent/ Silivent was my
g4grandmother, there is some misinformation
floating about, and I would like to maybe clear some of it up. The
following information is documented, and deduced by evaluation of
documents: Mary Sullivent is the mother of the following children:
Caswell, Allen (my line), Absel, Mary, and Eliza (poss. aka Sarah) We
have not determined for sure if she had a connection with William
Sullivan, only speculation. William Brantly Mosley, Jr. was married to
Livinia Silivent (poss. a sister to Mary, but this is only theory also)
he later married a Mary, but it was not Mary Silivent. Descendents of
Mosley, Jr. are unaware of any connection with Mary Silivent. Rumors of
his being the father of her children are also speculation. There does
not appear to be any mention of a husband in any record regarding Mary
Silivent to this point. If anyone has any
information regarding Mary Silivent/ Sullivant that can be documented--we
would be delighted to correspond with you! Denise

Notes for William Brantley Mosley, Jr.:1870 Clay Co. Fla Census
Brantley Mosley 70 b Ga, Mary W age 22 b Fl, Massouri age 3 b Fl,
Brantley Jr Age 1 B Fl and Edwin age 30 b Fl.

Children of Mary Sullivan and William Mosley are:
17i.John3 Sullivan.
18ii.William Sullivan.
19iii.Sarah Sullivan.
20iv.Eliza Sullivan.
21v.Astabb Sullivan, born Abt. 1820. He married Elizabeth Wilkes
December 30, 1847 in Emanuel Co Ga..
+22vi.Caswell Sullivan, born 1825; died Bef. 1880.
+23vii.Alexander Sullivan, born 1827.
+24viii.Allen Sullivan, born 1828.
+25ix.Asbel Sullivan, born 1829.

5. Elizabeth2 Sullivan (William1) was born 1799. She married John
Williamson February 28, 1811 in Montgomery Co. Ga. - Book A, Page 161.

Children of Elizabeth Sullivan and John Williamson are:
26i.Martha3 Williamson, born 1813.
+27ii.William J. Williamson, born 1814; died 1857.
+28iii.Andrew Jackson Williamson, born January 02, 1816; died
September 20, 1908 in Williamson Cemetery #1 - Toombs Co. Ga..
29iv.Margaret Williamson, born March 04, 1818.
30v.Unknown Williamson, born 1820. She married Ephriam D. Phillips
Bef. 1855.

Notes for Ephriam D. Phillips:(Was he married to a Williamson in 1855
when he shot and killed Matthew Williamson??? This was told to Cary
Williamson by Irma Williamson (wife of Paul) in VA in 1998. I have
determined from two census records--1830 and 1840--that John and
Elizabeth did have another daughter, born between 1820 and 1825. Could
she have been married to Ephraim D. Phillips, and Matthew be his
brother-in-law? Check it out!)
Corporal in Co. G, 32nd GA Regiment, CSA. Captured at Beaver Creek, GA,
on December 6, 1864; exchanged at Ft. Delaware, Delaware, March 7, 1865.
Buried at Boiling Springs.
31vi.Soloman R. Williamson, born October 17, 1823.
32vii.Matthew M. Williamson, born 1825.
33viii.George Washington Williamson, born 1826. He married Amelia Ann
34ix.Samuel C. Williamson, born 1828.
35x.John J. Williamson, born March 22, 1829.
36xi.Riley Williamson, born 1832.
37xii.Schley H. Williamson, born 1837.

7. Nicey A.2 Sullivan (William1) was born 1801, and died February 16,
1872. She married Clemen T. Mosley April 15, 1821 in Montgomery Co.
Ga., son of William Mosley and Sarah Phillips.

Children of Nicey Sullivan and Clemen Mosley are:
+38i.Edmund W.3 Mosley, born 1814; died Aft. 1872.
+39ii.William Sullivan Mosley, born March 02, 1821; died July 24, 1888
in Mosley Cemetery - Oak Park, Emanuel Co. Ga..
+40iii.Elisha T. Mosley, born August 26, 1824; died November 1865 in
Mosley Family Cemetery - Oak Park, Emanuel Co. Ga..

8. Lavenia2 Sullivan (William1) was born 1804, and died Aft. 1860. She
married William Brantley Mosley, Jr. April 15, 1821 in Montgomery Co.
Ga., son of William Mosley and Sarah Phillips.

Notes for William Brantley Mosley, Jr.:
1870 Clay Co. Fla Census Brantley Mosley 70 b Ga, Mary W age 22 b
Fl, Massouri age 3 b Fl, Brantley Jr Age 1 B Fl and Edwin age 30 b Fl.

Children of Lavenia Sullivan and William Mosley are:
+41i.John B.3 Mosley, born 1821.
+42ii.Clement A. Mosley, born 1822; died 1901.
+43iii.Pinkey Mosley, born February 06, 1825; died December 22, 1893
in Hamilton Cemetery - Higgstown, Montgomery Co. Ga..
+44iv.Elizabeth Mosley, born 1827.
+45v.Ebenezer Mosley, born 1828.
+46vi.Sarah Ann Mosley, born 1829.
+47vii.Mary Mosley, born 1832.
+48viii.Washington Theodore Mosley, born 1833.
+49ix.Martin Mosley, born 1838; died in Moseley Cemetery - Uvalda,
Montgomery Co. Ga..
+50x.Nancy Mosley, born 1839; died February 08, 1884.

13. William2 Sullivan, Jr. (William1) was born Abt. 1785 in Ga., and
died Aft. 1843 in Lee Co. Ga.. He married Lydia Peacock March 23, 1813
in Bulloch Co. Ga..

Children of William Sullivan and Lydia Peacock are:
51i.Mary3 Sullivan, born February 15, 1813. She married Clement W.
Mosley April 15, 1821 in Montgomery Co. Ga..
52ii.William Sullivan, born 1816 in Bulloch Co. Ga.; died September
20, 1884 in Doughtery Co. Ga..
53iii.Mitchell Sullivan, born July 19, 1819 in Bulloch Co. Ga.; died
November 19, 1893 in Midway Baptist Cemetery - Lafayette Co. FL.. He
married Christiana.
+54iv.John Sullivan, born January 07, 1821 in Montgomery Co. Ga.; died
October 17, 1913 in Wayfare Cemetery - Lafayette Co. FL..
+55v.Jefferson Sullivan, born March 29, 1822 in Montgomery Co. Ga.;
died January 20, 1900 in Corinth Baptist Cem. - Madison Co. FL..
56vi.Elizabeth Sullivan, born July 1825 in Montgomery Co. Ga.; died
March 09, 1902 in Madison Co. Fl. She married Daniel Hicks April 10,
1845 in Madison Co. Fl..
57vii.Martha Ann Sullivan, born 1827.
58viii.William Manning Sullivan, born March 03, 1828. He married
Rebeca Ann Shiver.
59ix.Savility Sullivan, born December 1834.
60x.Elmira Sullivan, born 1836.
61xi.Solomon Sullivan, born April 22, 1838.

Notes for Solomon Sullivan:
1860 Census Layfayette Co Fla - Dwelling #136, Family #129, Solomon
S7llivan 22, Mary Ann 22, and Martha F. 7/12.

62xii.Coleman T. Sullivan, born 1843.
63xiii.Clement T. Sullivan, born August 09, 1843 in Lee Co. Ga,; died
Aft. 1915 in Gadsden Co. Fl.. He married Elizabeth Winguit January 07,
1866 in Doughterty Co. Ga..

16. Sarah2 Sullivan (William1) was born 1818, and died July 08, 1881 in
Boiling Springs Church, Treutlen Co. Ga. She married Anthony Phillips
March 05, 1834 in Montgomery Co. Ga. Book A, Page 49, son of William
Phillips and Nancy Phillips.

Children of Sarah Sullivan and Anthony Phillips are:
+64i.William Con3 Phillips, born January 08, 1834; died September 01,
1905 in Boiling Springs Church, Treutlen Co. Ga.
+65ii.John Anthony Phillips, born July 28, 1836; died 1883.
+66iii.Lucretia H. Phillips, born 1837 in Georgia - 1860 Emanuel Co.
Ga. Census; died 1901 in Herrington Cem. - Covena, Emanuel Co Ga.
+67iv.Frances Marion Phillips, born February 01, 1839; died October
16, 1902 in Old Garbutt Cemetery - Summertown, Emanuel Co. Ga..

Generation No. 3
22. Caswell3 Sullivan (Mary2, William1) was born 1825, and died Bef.
1880. He married Marentha.
Children of Caswell Sullivan and Marentha are:
68i.Elizabeth4 Sullivan, born 1847.
69ii.Ellen Sullivan, born 1849.
70iii.Sarah Sullivan, born 1851.
71iv.Mary Sullivan, born 1852.
72v.Jackson Sullivan, born 1857.
73vi.John Sullivan, born 1859.
74vii.William Sullivan, born 1861.
75viii.Andrew Sullivan, born 1868.
76ix.James Wallace Sullivan, born 1872.

23. Alexander3 Sullivan (Mary2, William1) was born 1827. He married
Children of Alexander Sullivan and Amanda are:
77i.Catherine4 Sullivan, born 1867.
78ii.Washington Sullivan, born 1871.

24. Allen3 Sullivan (Mary2, William1) was born 1828. He married Amanda
Holeton, daughter of Issac Holeton and Mary.
Children of Allen Sullivan and Amanda Holeton are:
79i.George J.4 Sullivan, born 1851.
80ii.Louis Benjamin Sullivan, born 1854.
81iii.David Sullivan, born 1856.
82iv.Elish Sullivan, born 1858.
83v.Catherine Sullivan, born 1866.

25. Asbel3 Sullivan (Mary2, William1) was born 1829. He married
Children of Asbel Sullivan and Elizabeth are:
84i.Mary Ann4 Sullivan, born 1849.
85ii.Sarah Sullivan, born 1852.
86iii.Lecy Ann Sullivan, born 1854.
87iv.Andrew Sullivan, born 1855.
88v.Absolom Sullivan, born 1859.

27. William J.3 Williamson (Elizabeth2 Sullivan, William1) was born
1814, and died 1857. He married Jane Phillips, daughter of Ephriam
Phillips and Ruthie Flowers.
Children of William Williamson and Jane Phillips are:
89i.Elizabeth4 Williamson, born January 22, 1836; died December 30,
Notes for Elizabeth Williamson:Unmarried
90ii.Nancy Williamson, born 1838; died October 13, 1854.
Notes for Nancy Williamson:Unmarried
+91iii.Ulysses L. Williamson, born 1839; died 1873 in Corbin Cemetery
- Emanuel Co. Ga..
+92iv.John G. Williamson, born February 16, 1840; died December 08,
1923 in Williamson Cemetery - Montgomery Co. Ga..
+93v.Lecy Ann Williamson, born 1841.
94vi.Andrew Jackson Williamson, born March 13, 1844; died February 15,
1910 in Williamson Cemetery - Montgomery Co. Ga.. He married Lecy Ann
Phillips September 22, 1867 in Emanuel Co. Ga..
95vii.Walter W. Williamson, born September 1848. He married Amelia
Phillips 1870.
Notes for Amelia Phillips:Deed Book AK, Page 111, Emanuel County, GA.
July 3, 1895. Wilder Phillips, Sr. to daughter Melia Ann Williamson 400
acres in 50th G.M. District granted to Drury Phillips joining Solomon
Williamson on West, Great O'Hoopee River on East, Mary Jane Phillips and
Charley C. Phillips on Southeast, with consent of Wilder M. Phillips and
John F. Phillips.
96viii.Martha Williamson, born 1852.

28. Andrew Jackson3 Williamson (Elizabeth2 Sullivan, William1) was born
January 02, 1816, and died September 20, 1908 in Williamson Cemetery #1 -
Toombs Co. Ga.. He married Leacy Ann Moore, daughter of James Moore and
Elizabeth Manning.
Children of Andrew Williamson and Leacy Moore are:
97i.James R.4 Williamson, born 1836; died 1878. He married Elizabeth
Sarah Barwick September 04, 1861 in Emanuel Co Ga..
+98ii.John A. Williamson, born February 1840.
99iii.Millicent Williamson, born 1841. She married (1) Angus Gillis.
She married (2) Phillips.
100iv.Andrew Jackson Williamson, Jr., born 1842; died July 18, 1864 in
CSA Virginia (Unmarried).
+101v.Elizabeth Williamson, born October 15, 1844; died March 27, 1934
in Boiling Springs Church, Treutlen Co. Ga.
+102vi.Dicy Williamson, born 1846.
103vii.Sarah Williamson, born 1848. She married Jacob Wilkes.
Notes for Sarah Williamson:They lived in Lyons.
+104viii.Nancy Williamson, born May 06, 1850; died August 30, 1926.
+105ix.Mary Ann Williamson, born April 1851.
106x.Teresa Ann Williamson, born May 02, 1852; died March 19, 1920 in
Pinecrest Cemetery - Vidalia, Toombs Co. Ga.. She married James Josiah
Calhoun May 18, 1876.
107xi.Drewry Steeley Williamson, born 1854; died in Buried in Cordele
Ga.. He married Teresa H. June 02, 1978 in Emanuel Co Ga..
108xii.George Mandell Williamson, born August 19, 1855; died September
16, 1878 Unmarried.
109xiii.Josephine Williamson, born 1858. She married Thomas Wilkes.
+110xiv.Millard Milton Williamson, born June 16, 1862; died May 25,
1939 in Pinecrest Cemetery, Vidalia, Toombs Co. Ga..
111xv.Alexander S. Williamson, born February 22, 1864; died June 09,
1956 in Swainsboro City Cemetery - Emanuel Co. Ga.. He married Emma
112xvi.Victoria Williamson, born January 22, 1865; died August 30,
1899 in Anderson Family Cemetery - Toombs Co. Ga.. She married James N.
Anderson May 20, 1885.

38. Edmund W.3 Mosley (Nicey A.2 Sullivan, William1) was born 1814, and
died Aft. 1872. He married (1) Barbara Monroe September 26, 1833 in
Montgomery Co. Ga.. He married (2) Mary Ann Monroe May 14, 1854.
Children of Edmund Mosley and Barbara Monroe are:
113i.Cleman4 Mosley, born 1835; died 1899. He married Carrie Bostick.
114ii.William Mosley, born September 07, 1837. He married Elizabeth
115iii.Morgan Mosley, born 1838.
116iv.Mary Ann Mosley, born February 15, 1839; died February 28, 1894.
She married John U. Rowe.
117v.Emily Mosley, born 1841. She married Steven Weddencap.
118vi.Flournoy Mosley, born 1844.
119vii.John Wesley Mosley, born 1844. He married Victoria A. Merriman
April 12, 1866 in Tattnall Co. Ga.
120viii.Nathan Mosley, born 1847.

Children of Edmund Mosley and Mary Monroe are:
121i.Gabriel4 Mosley, born 1852. He married Caroline Elizabeth
122ii.Sarah Mosley, born 1855. She married John Easterling.

39. William Sullivan3 Mosley (Nicey A.2 Sullivan, William1) was born
March 02, 1821, and died July 24, 1888 in Mosley Cemetery - Oak Park,
Emanuel Co. Ga.. He married (1) Rebecca Jane Calhoun April 09, 1840 in
Montgomery Co. Ga., daughter of Burrell Calhoun and Mary Darley. He
married (2) Mary Findley March 10, 1878 in Montgomery Co. Ga..Notes for
William Sullivan Mosley:Clement T. Mosley has his named from Sullivan to
Mosley on Dec. 27 1838 in Emanuel County.

Children of William Mosley and Rebecca Calhoun are:
123i.Cleman S.4 Mosley, born 1841. He married Sarah Wilkes.
124ii.William Wyler Mosley, born November 11, 1846; died May 15, 1919.
He married Cassie Williamson.
125iii.Mary Ann Mosley, born 1851. She married Jack Warren.
126iv.George Mosley, born 1854.
127v.America Mosley, born 1856.
128vi.James LaFayette Mosley, born April 11, 1858.
129vii.Vianna Mosley, born 1859.
130viii.Andrew Jackson Mosley, born January 24, 1862.
131ix.Rosanna Mosley, born December 1865.

Child of William Mosley and Mary Findley is:
132i.Millard Findley4 Mosley, born 1880.

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