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From: Gloria Holback <>
Subject: More From Julian Williams regarding "Old Jacksonville" ties to Ben Hill and Irwin Counties
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 08:31:10 -0800 (PST)

>>Old Jacksonville, Ga No. 195 now online -- "Jacksonville, Ga. Preacher
>>Carried Humor To Camp Meeting Revival"
>>Thanks again to Rev Jimmy Duke for Bascom Anthony's book,
>>and to Charles Shelton for a great picture of Bascom Anthony (See current
>>image) now online -- he is also in the photo album -- also thanks to
>>Charles for his extensive notes on local history, including book, emails,
>>I want to thank you all for continuing to contribute things and I know I
>>will miss someone --
>>Ann Carswell for Directory of Sunset Cem at Valdosta, (some of the river
>>Ashleys and Doc Holliday's father are in that cemetery)
>>Bob Hughes for picture (now in photo album) of Dr. Augustus Munroe
>>Boyd,CSA, brother of Capt. Julius Warren Boyd, CSA, and all the rich info
>>on the Boyd Family -- Susie Boyd, sister of James Boyd (father of Munroe
>>and Julius (above)), was the first grave at Blockhouse Ch Cem in 1819 --
>>that picture is also in the photo album -- for those interested in the
>>Dodge Troubles, James Boyd was the Sheriff and Tax Collector who sold the
>>settlers the land in 1844 for unpaid taxes -- the land the Dodges later
>>claimed -- We are now looking for James Boyd's grave -- supposed to be
>>east of Lumber City -- Spring Hill ??? -- anyone out there know? Let me
>>know if you do ----
>>Lynn Bennett for CD detailed maps of all counties in Georgia, -- even
>>shows little roads, cemeteries, etc!!
>>Roy McGregor for article on the Scuffletonian hangings in Montgomery Co.
>>and other info and pictures -- by the way, if you didn't get the pictures
>>of the Scuffletonian hangings you can go to Google.coma and type in
>>Scuffletonians and it will carry you there --
>>Max Strickland for CD with all those pictures we have been taking on our
>>history trips throughout the area --
>>Dr. John Duncan Williams for all material on his great grandfather Lucius
>>Williams, CSA, killed in the Dodge troubles war-- John Duncan let the
>>Blue-Gray Museum display a walking cane owned by Lucius Williams -- the
>>renovated museum should reopen in April and I look forward to revisiting
>>there --
>>Jim Bland for his continuing notes on local history -- including
>>confirming that the road from China Hill via Lampkins Ferry in that
>>community continued as the old road by Crisp (old county seat of Irwin,
>>now Ben Hill, where many Willcoxes are buried, including George, brother
>>of Gen Mark Willcox) -- and on to Fitzgerald -- bridge was planned for
>>China Hill ferry but went to Jacksonville because of political influence
>>of Gov Gene Talmadge of McRae and Sen J.H. Milhollin of Broxton --
>>I know I have missed someone (always do) but rest assured I highly prize
>>all this material and info you send me -- it is so interesting and
>>valuable --
>>Click below for Old Jacksonville, Ga. History
>>Julian Williams.
>>PS -- REMEMBER -- You might have to click REFRESH a couple of times for
>>the AOL sites -- and the photo album, now with about 250 pictures, takes a
>>little while to load but you will enjoy it.

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