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Subject: Re: [GA-Roots] Jeff. Davis' home lost to Hurricane
Date: Sun, 04 Sep 2005 00:49:45 -0400
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Hate to hear it. My father's aunt received a letter from Mrs. Davis in reply to a question re a book of Jefferson Davis' memoirs. The letter was up for sale on e-bay.

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Subject: [GA-Roots] Jeff. Davis' home lost to Hurricane

For those of you wondering about the fate of Jefferson Davis' home, Beauvoir, on
the Mississippi coast, here is the answer I received this morning from the
Beauvoir website.

> Jefferson Davis' Biloxi Home Beauvoir
> Reported "Demolished" by Hurricane

> Beauvoir, the last home of Jefferson Davis, was reported late Tuesday to
> be "virtually demolished" by Hurricane Katrina. The Jackson, MS, Clarion
> Ledger said that the historic building has been "reduced to rubble and a
> frame of a house."
> The house was located on the north side of Beach Boulevard, across from a
> number of "barge style" casinos. One of the closest, the President Casino,
> was lifted whole from its mooring pillars and transported across the
> highway where it came to rest crushing a Holiday Inn.
> The house, constructed in 1854, was dedicated in 1998 as the "Jefferson
> Davis Presidential Library and Museum."
> After Davis' death Beauvoir evolved first into the Jefferson Davis
> Soldiers' Home, serving as a hospital and residence for disabled
> Confederate veterans and their dependents.
> The Beauvoir Confederate Cemetery is located at the extreme northwest
> corner of the estate and contains over 750 graves. One of them is Sam
> Davis, father of Jefferson Davis, whose body was moved there when the
> Mississippi River threatened his original gravesite at Hurricane
> Plantation.
> The Beauvoir cemetery is also the home of the Grave of the Unknown
> Confederate Soldier in an above-ground granite shrine. No reports on its
> condition are available.
> Another nearby burial ground, Southern Memorial Park, had its mausoleum
> torn open by the force of the onrushing water, and witnesses told the
> Clarion-Ledger that numerous caskets were strewn about the grounds. Most
> "burials" in the area are above-ground entombments due to difficulties
> with the high water table.
> The home and grounds have been open to the public since 1957. In 1969
> Beauvoir survived Hurricane Camille but the museum, at that time in the
> basement of the house, was severely flooded. The Library cottage suffered
> severe damage from that storm. Both had since been rebuilt.
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>> Do you know if Beauvoir suffered damage in this week's hurricane?

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