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From: "Cynthia Luckie" <>
Subject: Re: [GA-Roots] Fwd: FW: [FLORIDA] Florida State Library Closure??
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 20:06:40 -0600
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Subject: Re: [GA-Roots] Fwd: FW: [FLORIDA] Florida State Library Closure??

> FSU says it does not have the money...admittedly, the UofSC has preserved
> lot of the old SC records, but they have to want to, before it will be
> and they have to be accessible by the Gemneral Public, something that is
> normally available to non-students...

A little clarification is in order here. The historical manuscript
collections at the South Caroliniana Library at the University of South
Carolina ARE available to the general public (and faculty and students) for
use in the reference room. (Government records are available at the South
Carolina Dept. of Archives and History.) It's not simply whether FSU wants
the records, but whether the legislature will then give them enough money to
hire more staff to help researchers access the additional records and money
for storing the records (buildings, electricity, heating & air, these are
not free, and I've yet to meet a library of archives with an abundance of
empty space). I'm guessing money's not part of the deal, which means the
records will then be stored in places with inadequate environmental controls
(thus accelerating the deterioration of the records) or the collections will
be dispersed all over the state, so that instead of making one trip to
Tallahassee, people are touring Florida to find what they need.

What a rotten idea.
[Descending from soapbox... returning to family tree climbing.]

Cynthia Atkins Luckie

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