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From: (Philip Tinsley)
Subject: Re: [GA-Roots] Black Books Lookups
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 23:14:55 -0500 (EST)
In-Reply-To: "Sharon Garner" <>'s message of Tue, 12 Dec 2000 05:55:30 -0500


I love to hear stories on how couples met. We met through a friend at
Phil's office. My best friend of 25 years husband was the
Secretary-Treasurer of his company and referred many employees to me for
their housing needs.

One day my friends got a divorce and I handled the sale of their
house. I was in my friend's office getting him to sign the contract
when Phil came in to speak to him. We were introduced and I was told
later that Phil asked him to tell him about me, he said "I like her

At the time Phil was in a long time relationship with a lady who had
also lost her spouse just about the time Liz Tinsley died, when the
relationship ended a year or two later, he called me. I had been
widowed for ten years and was working really hard to pull together a new
life. He asked me out to dinner and as I have told him, "He never had a
chance!" We dated for 15 months and were married in August of 1991, so
it will be ten years this coming August and it has been fabulous the
entire time.

I think when you marry later in life you are just too tired to fight
or really even comment on things you would have sparred on in youth.
Hopefully we will have many years together. How long have you guys been

I guess that is enough from me today on how the world turns as the
saying goes. More later/


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