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From: Weldon Moore <>
Subject: Re: [GA-Roots] Re: Marrying ages
Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2000 13:55:53 -0500
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Those of us who try to teach the children of today know only too well that
they are not being raised. Many of them are just being allowed to grow up
without any correction. I still demand that the students say yes mam and
now mam. I alao demand that they not use those four or five letter words
in my presents. They do not seem to mind, in fact, they seem happy to know
that there are lines which they do not cross. Since I am of the old
school, the parents also do not seem to mind. I think they are afraid of
their children.
My father would have also had our hides if we had been disrespectfully to
any one. If a teacher had called home and told that we had broken a rule
or did not have our "homework",
it would have been my brother and I in trouble not the teacher.

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