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From: "O'Melia" <>
Subject: [GA-Roots] GA and the first national depression..
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2000 14:54:25 -0400

After the first national recession of 1788-1790 [24 months
duration] followed the first national depression of 1796-1799 [36
months duration].

What effect have you found that these two periods affected your GA
ancestors. I am sure that if your ancestor managed to stay afloat
during these two periods they found the next two hard to manage.

1802-1804 brought 24 months of recession. 1807-1810 brought in 36
months of depression. Followed by six months of recession.

1815-1821 brought in the crusher. 72 months of depression.

Look at the lives of your ancestor during these years. Weather,
and pestilence were not the only factors that made folks want to

After all is said about the great 1929-1933 depression there were
depression periods before it and they were larger or longer if you

I have noticed the value of personal and estate in the census to
drastically in some census listings. I have also noticed in the
records the deed traffic picking up at times when economics was a

The sheriff`s sales pick up after long bouts of recession and
depression for many of the families.

Oh yes, there were two periods of depression periods that put
another crusher for 1836-1843 for 72 months. 1873-1885 put
together 103 months of depression with 1880-1881 quiet.

Banks going under made it difficult for the society of that day to
seed, utensils, and equipment. Barter was the word in those days.

I shudder to think what the folks of today would do if a
depression showed its ugly head today. Remember, those checks and
balances are slowly being turned out. "Too many rules and
regulations.." is what I hear these days.(G)

Anywho, look at the time periods that you see something is not
right and you are puzzled about a reason for a change. Look at the
economical picture of the day.

John Michael O`Melia

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