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From: "Gerald Gieger" <>
Subject: Re: [GA-Roots] Marrying Ages
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2000 13:10:29 GMT

My late Wife, Frances, and I were both 18 when we married, considered young
for a guy, but about right for a girl at that time in Texas...

God gave us a life beyond our wildest dreams. We had four sons and three
daughters, four granddaughters and ten grandsons, but they are not younger is not married yet; in fact he just graduated from
College this past June and has a steady girlfriend...while I do not
recommend very young marriages, they can lead to a long and happy life for
two committed people...All of mine have married in their 20's...those who
finished College before marriage have fared better...

Yesterday was Frances' 64th birthday, but she departed two years ago for a
much more beautiful place where the roses are always in full bloom, the
streets glisten with the purest gold pavement, and there is no
night...albeit she was my sunshine and the love of my life, I have a promise
that I shall see her again, waiting for me at the entrance... I took flowers
to the cemetery yesterday, however, I do not cry any more; in an instant
last year, HE took all that hurt away and filled it with the Joy of HIS
presence...But I loved her and miss her a lot...

Look UP!
Luke 21:28/Acts 1:11
[for a tribute to Frances, see:]

>From: "Sharla Linex" <>
>Subject: Re: [GA-Roots] Hiram BURDETT/Re: Marrying Ages
>Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2000 23:23:20 -0500
> Thanks so much for this info. I too, married very young the first time,
>But 11 just seems like such a baby. I'm assuming in AL or GA they had to
>get permission for her to marry at that age. Maybe one day I'll find my
>Thanks again,
>Sharla Linex
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>From: Sharon <>
>To: <>
>Sent: Saturday, August 12, 2000 9:56 AM
>Subject: Re: [GA-Roots] Hiram BURDETT/Re: Marrying Ages
> > >A man marrying a girl with that much age difference was not uncommon in
> > those days. In the 1700s I have a g-g-grandfather marrying a 16 year
> > and he was 45. They had 11 children! Then in the late 1800s I have a
> > grandmother who m. a man 20 years older than she was and her girls each
> > married older men. <
> >
> > And in more "modern" times....
> > My great-grandmother was born 1889 my great-grandfather born 1880 they
> > married in 1904 which made her 15 and him 24 they had 7 children
> > twin girls]. My grandmother was born in 1912, my grandfather born 1907
> > were married in 1928 which made her 14! and him 21, they had 8 boys and
> > girls [that lived]. I married at the age of 17, [would not recommend
> > <G>]... but God has richly blessed me with a wonderful person in my life
> > 27 yrs now, no children unfortunately. My younger sister is married to a
> > fine man 18 years her senior; seems they were made for each other. They
> > have no children together. It is her first marriage..he was married
> > Sharon
> >
> >

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