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From: Nick <>
Subject: Re: [FURNISS] WW1 Memorial Plaque Herbert Furniss
Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2011 15:29:33 +0100
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Hi David,

Good to hear from you. I have been a bit inactive on the web site and
in making contact with the Furniss clan. I set myself up with a new
computer running windows7 last year. As this OS does not have Outlook
Express I decided to use Opera as my web browser. This had an email
client built in. Three days ago I found all my emails had disappeared
and then to make matters worse, my machine locked up. I have
reinstalled Windows7 and most of the applications I was using and am now
trying to set up my emails to work consistently. Unfortunately I also
lost my latest edition of my address Book. It will take me some time to
get that into working order. I am now using Thunderbird as my email
client and Google Chrome as my browser. How is everything with your
family? Good I hope.
Kind Regards, Nick.

On 30/04/2011 07:44, David Litchfield wrote:
> On ebay.co.uk
> item # 300552317985
> in case anyone knows this man.
> Regards
> David
> .
> Cancer Relief UK Fund in memory of Elisabeth Sladen
> (Sarah Jane Smith of Doctor Who)
> http://www.justgiving.com/inmemoryofelisabethsladen/
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