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From: "Norma F. Jennings" <>
Subject: re: James Fulton error
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1998 22:54:11 -0600

With the recent placing of a tombstone on the grave of James Fulton in
Gallia County, Ohio, the old MYTH that James was the son of John Fulton
and Mary Steele has arisen once again. This is incorrect. James, the
son of John Fulton and Mary Steele died without any heirs. He was
buried in Augusta County, Virginia where he was born and he left his
estate to the grandson of his wife's sister. This is fully documented
via Bible records and by James Fulton's estate settlement several years
ago. While this makes a number of people unhappy, facts are facts, and
I stand by my long time contention that James Fulton, son of John Fulton
and Mary Steele had no heirs and he is NOT the James Fulton that moved
to Gallia County, Ohio.

5. John Fulton (James1), planter, married his cousin, Mary Steele,
daughter of Andrew Steele(?)(15). In Capt. McCutcheon's Co. in the
Revolution. His will was proved 21 September 1790. Lived at Greenville,
Virginia. He sold 200 acres adjoining Thomas Beard on Moffett's Creek to
William Fulton on 18 August, 1758. His will written in 1789 names the
following children:

+ 37. i. James Fulton, who was born 10 August 1755, died 14 Feb.
1834 at the age of 79 in Augusta County, Virginia. Married Betsy

+ 38. ii. Andrew(16) Fulton, born circa 1756, married Elizabeth
Hall, daughter of Edward and Eleanor Stuart Hall and sister to
Sarah Hall Tate Fulton.

39. iii. Margaret Fulton married Andrew Wardlaw, 5 August 1792

40. iv. Sarah Fulton married William Ramsey in October, 1794.

+ 41. v. Samuel Fulton, married 2 October 1795 to Margaret Givens.

+42. vi. William Fulton (17) , bond or license date 15 June 1802 to
marry Martha Graham (Nickname Patsy). Martha was the daughter of
William Graham, deceased. On 6 October 1801, he purchased the 109
acres that his father had devised to his brother Samuel.

43. vii. Hugh Fulton(18) moved to Flemingsburg, Kentucky(19)

44. viii.Elizabeth Fulton(20) married, 3 December 1801, John

37. James Fulton (John2, James1), who was born 10 August 1755 and died
14 February 1834, was married the 27 September 1810 to Elizabeth
Mitchel, who
was born 1 March 1766, died 11 Sept, 1850.(30) James Fulton is buried in
Bethel Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Augusta County, Virginia. There
is no
marker on his grave, but his burial is recorded in the church register
begins in 1817. Elizabeth is buried at the Old Providence Associate
Presbyterian Church.

Elizabeth Mitchell was the daughter of Thomas Mitchel and Elizabeth
Moor, widow of Samuel Moor, who was accidently killed in 1752.
McClahan Moor died the 1 August 1779 in her 49th year. The family Bible
Thomas Mitchel is now owned by M. T. McClure. This Bible provides
information on Elizabeth's family. Thomas Mitchel was born 23 September
and died the 30 December 1806.

Another Bible in the possession of Vance McClure of Greenville, Virginia
birth, death, and marriage records of James Fulton and his wife
Mitchell and Elizabeth's parents.

Since James was 55 and Elizabeth was 44 when they were married, there
are no
children. James Fulton sold land to John McClure a few years before his
death and the balance of James and Elizabeth's estate was inherited in
1834 by John
McClure, the grandson of Elizabeth's sister.

Eleanor Mitchel, a widow, and her son, John, settled in Augusta County,
Their farm cornered John Tate and David Doak. John Mitchel died testate,
leaving a wife Elizabeth and six children, Thomas; Robert, born 1734,
1774; John, died 1783 leaving his property to the children of Andrew
Russell, Jr.
and Elizabeth Turk, daughter of Thomas; James, born circa 1740, died
was a Revolutionary Soldier who served in Captain Tate's Company with
Hugh Fulton; Eleanor who married Mathew Willson, Sr. and Mary who
married a

15. The Andrew Steele Family by Mildred Goeller has John Fulton as a
supposed son-in-law
as his name appears on the will as a witness. Only evidence that Mary
was a Steele.
Andrew Steel was born 1706 in Ireland and was the son of Sir Richard
Steele. They came to
Virginia by way of Pennsylvania and were members of the Old Providence

16. Andrew was an elder at Tinkling Spring congregation and an officer
at the Battle of
Guilford Courthouse. He was a member of Virginia House of Delegates
1811-1812 and was
famous throughout the Valley for the silver plate he had in his head as
the result of his
wounds at Guilford.

17. William was an infant when his father died in 1790, so he cannot be
the William who
went to Gallia County in 1806, nor the father of James born in 1751. Nor
can he be the
William who married Margaret Lusk who was having children born during
the years of

18. Bill filed in Wyeth Co. O.S. 162 NS 57 Guillion vs. Fulton in Wyeth
Co. 1799. In 1783,
Hugh Fulton was a deputy surveyor in Montgomery County. He moved to
Mason Co.
Kentucky in 1790. Samuel Fulton and Hugh Fulton were brothers. In the
chancery suit Tate
vs. Tate, Hugh Fulton of Flemingsburg, Kentucky states that he did not
marry Sarah Tate.

19. The Tate Family History has Hugh as the son of John Fulton. However,
Hugh, the son
of John would have been too young to have served in the Revolutionary

20. When Elizabeth married John Caldwell, she was listed as the daughter
of Mary Fulton.
This was mistakenly interpreted that she was the daughter of James
Fulton, deceased,
whose wife was also named Mary. However, she is the daughter of John
Fulton and Mary
Steele. Her father, John, was also deceased by the time she married.

25. The two Hughs, sons of John and Hugh should not be confused. Sarah
Hall Tate Fulton,
wife of Major Hugh, died in Nicholas County, at Carlisle, Ky. while
Flemingsburg is in
Fleming County. Fleming was created in 1798 from Mason County (from
Bourbon in 1788).
Nicholas was created from Bourbon and Madison Co. in 1799. Hugh, the
surveyor is the one
who went to Flemingsburg, not Major Hugh.

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