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From: "Baker" <>
Subject: Capt. Matthew Fuller & the Mayflower Line
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2001 19:08:21 -0800

HI All,

There seems to be several confusions on Capt Matthew Fuller and the
Fuller's in general. Some if it has to do with eager researcher wanting to
be connected to the Mayflower Line.

The following are the confusion and I believe correct info. on several
trouble spots.

My main Fuller Source:

Bruce Campbell MacGunnigle of Family of Edward Fuller. Mayflower Families
Through Five Generations series, Vol. 4. Plymouth, MA; General Society of
Mayflower Descendants, 1995. (also known as the "silver books" series.)

The Confusions that surround Capt. Matthew Fuller & the Fuller's in

1. The Mayflower Society does believe that Capt. Matthew's father was
Edward Fuller who went over the Mayflower. The evidence for this was a
letter made by Dr. Samuel Fuller (also of the Mayflower) to Matthew when
he was still in England. Dr. Samuel Fuller helped support Matthew's
education back in England. Dr. Samuel Fuller was a brother of Edward, and
thus the letter indicates Dr. Samuel was an Uncle to Matthew Fuller.
Matthew, himself, did not go over the Mayflower but came later.

2. We do not know for sure the last name of Capt. Matthew Fuller's wife,
Frances and the exact birth dates of his children. It is so merky that
some researchers wonder if all the children had the same mother.

3. Another confusion is Capt. Matthew Fuller's daughter, Elizabeth. Some
researchers have confused her with the Elizabeth who m. Thomas Upson. It
is believed by the Mayflower Society that our Elizabeth m. Moses Rowley
and did not marry anybody else.

4. For researchers connection to the John Fuller/Mehitable Rowley
connection, there is a dispute on 2 children who also married into the
Rowley family. Several researchers have Deborah (m. John Rowley and Anne
(m. Jonathan Rowley) as children of John and Mehitable. If you are
connected to either Deborah or Anne you are still a Mayflower Descendant
through Capt. Matthew Fuller's daughter Elizabeth, but may not be through
John (father Samuel went over the Mayflower). The Mayflower Society
believes Deborah and Anne may have come from another Fuller family that
was in the area.

5. As far as the Mayflower Society knows, at least since 1995, (and
anybody can tell me if this has changed since) there were only 2 children
of Edward Fuller. He could have had several wives but we only know about
one that went with him in the Mayflower. We still do not know for sure
what even her first name is. We only have possibles of what her name is
apparently and I put those possibiles in my Summary.

For some reason, researchers have added another sibling to the mix. A
Hannah who was younger than Samuel based on the dates I saw. As far as I
know, there was no such sibling who married a Lothrop. She could be
connected to Robert Fuller's family because that usually is where the
confusion is. He had big family and sometimes different branches get

6. There were 5 Fuller's who went over the Mayflower. Dr. Samuel Fuller,
his brother Edward Fuller, Edward's wife and son Samfuel. There also was a
woman Fuller who married a White. Researchers have tried to connect her
with Dr. Samuel Fuller and Edward Fuller as a sister. It is believed she
is connected to another Fuller Line, completely. I believe researcher, to
this day, are not certain of her Fuller Line.

If you have ancestors that maybe in Colonial CT, they can be found at
the Colonial Connecticut Records Site:




P.S. For some, it is hard to get into the site. I try to go into it with
a lower browzer with the ads off rather than on.

IF you share some of my other lines, I can give you info. on them also.

The Summary of my lines are the following:

Wright, Cranbroke, Earle, Weede, Hubbard, Lewis, Loomis, Freeman? Dewey,
Drake, Morton, Clark(e) (MA), Mudge, Elliot, Strong, Dickinson,
Alexander (MA),Skinner (MA), Brooks, (Mayflower) Fuller, Cornish,
Rowley,White, Judd, Opp?,Crandall, Celley?, Tallman, Wilbore, Chase,
Yeaton, Pray, Heard, Hull,Jones (NH), Cross, Goodwin, Frost, Wakefield,
Littlefield, Taylor (ME), Becraft, McDaniel (McDonnel), Wilcoxson,

Ellen Baker
Washington State

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