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From: "Dale E. Reddick" <>
Subject: Stephen and Sarah E. Locklear in the 1900 census of Screven County.
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2004 21:22:00 -0500

Hi Folks,

I am hoping that someone will recognize this Locklear family of Screven
County, Georgia from the census of 1900.

I'm just trying to solve the mystery of what happened to my paternal
grandmother's older, half-sister. Bonnie Flythe (my fifth cousin
residing up there in cold, cold New Hampshire) and I are having a
serious go at identifying this woman. BTW - if you have Flythe ancestry
in Screven County, then Bonnie has the Flythes going back through the
N.C. and VA. Fly family at her website. The Flythes of Georgia
(especially Screven County Flythes) can be traced back through the Fly

<>**Fly, Flye, & Flythe Family of Virginia,
North Carolina, and Tennessee**


My paternal grandmother was Rosetta Marvin Flythe, who married Causey
Harmon Reddick. They were the parents of my late father Carl E. Reddick.

Rosetta's father was George Washington Flythe, who moved to Screven
County, Georgia circa 1860. G.W. was born a FLY in 1836, but his father
was one of those N.C. / VA. FLYs who changed the spelling of the surname
over to Flythe circa 1838 or slightly later. G.W. was recorded as
residing in the area of the Mobley Pond P.O. in northeast Screven County
during the census of 1860.

G.W.'s first wife abandoned him and ran away with another man during the
Civil War. G.W. enlisted first in a South Carolina cavalry regiment and
then served in both S.C. and Georgia units throughout the Civil War.
After his first wife abandoned him, G.W. then married Mary or Mollie
Blount / Blunt and they had two children (that we are aware of) prior to
Mary's (Mollie's) death prior to the census of 1870. Mary / Mollie may
have been (likely was) from S.C. The second child of this couple was
George Walter Flythe (found listed as a four year old William Flythe in
the 1870 census of Screven Co. and the only person co-resident with G.W.
at that time). Walter later had a family of his own and there are
descendants of his still living and researching his branch of the Flythe
family. The older daughter of G.W. and Mary / Mollie is thought to have
been named Sarah Elizabeth Flythe (born circa 1864 or '65 - perhaps born
in S.C.). LDS records provide information regarding part of her
family. Bonnie and I have seen marriage dates of 1882 and 1884 for her
marriage to Stephen Thomas Locklear or perhaps (Stephen) Thadeus /
Thaddeus (Stephen) Locklear. Later census record sheets of
1900 for Screven County show her to be the wife of Stephen "?" Locklear
and having six children at the time of the 1900 census. They then lived
in the 34th militia district of Screven County. Here is a transcription
of that 1900 census record.

Stephen "?" Locklear, Head, aged 39, born S.C.
Sarah E. Locklear, Wife, aged 35, born S.C.
Mary B. Locklear, Daughter, aged 15, born GA.
Lela Lochlear, Daughter, aged 13, born GA.
Catherine E. Lochlear, Daughter, aged 9, born GA.
Thomas "?" Lochlear, Son, aged 6, born GA.
Minnie O. Lochlear, Daughter, aged 3, born GA.
Richard "?" Lochlear, Son, aged 1, born GA.

Is anyone familiar with this woman and her family? Is there a
descendant on this couple on the GASCREVE-L or FLY-L lists?

I would really appreciate more information about her and her offspring.


Dale E. Reddick


LDS Records:


Stephen Thomas Locklear Pedigree
Birth: 26 AUG 1848 , , Georgia
Marriage: 1882 , Screven, Georgia


Sarah Elizabeth Flythe Pedigree
Marriage: 1882 , Screven, Georgia

1. O. W. Locklear Pedigree
Birth: 06 JAN 1883 , Screven, Georgia
Death: 19 OCT 1884

2. Mary Bell Locklear Pedigree
Birth: JUL 1885 , Screven, Georgia

3. Lela Locklear Pedigree
Birth: JUN 1887 , Screven, Georgia

__________________________________ census records:

Database: 1900 United States Federal Census

Name Home in 1900
(City,County,State) Estimated Birth Year Birthplace Race
Relation to Head-of-house
Sarah E Locklear Militia District 34, Screven, Georgia abt 1865
South Carolina White Wife

Database: 1900 United States Federal Census

Personal information

Name: Sarah E Locklear
Home in 1900: Militia District 34, Screven, Georgia
Age: 35
Estimated birth year: 1865
Birthplace: South Carolina
Race: White
Relationship to head-of-house: Wife
Image source: Year: 1900; Census Place: Militia District 34,
Screven, Georgia; Roll: T623 220; Page: 9B; Enumeration District: 116.

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