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From: "Scott and Roxanne Munns" <>
Subject: Military Personnel Records
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 17:17:56 -0600

Dear Researchers,

There's some more good news! Hope this helps you...



National Personnel Records Center (St. Louis, MO) Archival Research Room

The Department of Defense and the National Archives and Records
Administration (NARA) signed an agreement on July 8, 2004, to make the
Official Military Personnel Files a permanent series of records, transferred
to NARA custody 62 years after the service member's separation from the

On June 11, 2005, the Archival Programs Division at the National Personnel
Records Center opened the following holdings:

* Navy enlisted personnel files for individuals who were separated from the
Navy between 1885 and September 8, 1939.

* Marine Corps enlisted personnel files for individuals who served between
1906 and 1939.

* A selection of approximately 150 records of prominent individuals who have
been deceased ten years or more. We will add to this initial transfer of
records on a regular basis.

Written requests for records will initially be processed the same as
requests for other military records from NPRC. As new reference procedures
are developed they will be published on this web page.

Until recently, NARA was merely the physical custodian of these records that
were open only to the veteran, the next of kin, or the individual's service
branch. In 1999, however, the Pentagon and NARA reached an agreement that
would begin the process of systematically opening these records. According
to Bill Seibert, chief of the archival operations branch of the records
center, the records now "cease to belong to the military and instead belong
to the American People - they're public documents."

NARA negotiated an agreement that provided for all such military records to
remain sealed 62 years past the date an individual left active service. That
means that most WW2 records, for example, will remain closed for several
more years. In addition, because of a fire at the records center back in
1973, some files of Army and Air Force veterans will be withheld even longer
- until 2023. Coast Guard records will probably not be available until 2026,
and because some individual files contain fragile or crumbling paper, some
files will probably be kept on hold for some time.

Persons interested in accessing the collection should contact the National
Personnel Records Center, 97000 Page Avenue, Overland, MO, phone:

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