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Subject: FER-GOLD Reiver cousins
Date: Mon, 28 Dec 2009 22:43:41 EST

Yes Don
My sons info...though I breezed over it...said many of the Scot-Irish
were criticized and look upon as inferior. BUT after their bravery in the
wars...they gained respect.I think as some have mentioned (and I did) since
they were criticized when they came here (by mostly English) and possibly
having "no love" for the English..and feeling perhaps as this new land was
"their" home -it sounds very logical to me that they would fight hard to keep

It also said that the term "Scot-Irish" is an American term that did NOT
come about till many years later. So red hair and Blue eyes and claiming to
be "American" could very well be one of them. The fact that they were
"chased out" of other areas I assume are true...but another idea brought up in
my son's research was that...the Scots were use to moving. They had gone to
N Ireland...then traveled across an ocean to a new land...so their minds
were open to moving and finding new lands. A place to call their own.

As Don stated earlier....and as I said prior....many American History books
concentrated on what the "English, French and even Spanish" did. An issue
I won't go into...because there are even "other" heritages" that were
overlooked in a "prejudice" world. Thankfully today...with Internet and new
authors we can learn more and compare. THUS...my point ...as Don said...do not
take "one" history as law. Research. Look. read.....ALL points of view are

TY all....I love the info! It is all so interesting!!!

Sue in NY

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