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Subject: Re: FER-GOLD Reiver cousins
Date: Mon, 28 Dec 2009 21:36:07 +0000 (UTC)
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I believe the Native Irish came from Gaul, but can't prove it. That would nominally make them descendents of Abraham.

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Subject: Re: FER-GOLD Reiver cousins

There were many tales of early American pathfinders exploring westward into
the interior encountering red-haired or blue eyed individuals among the
indians or Native Americans as we now call them. Kind of makes me wonder
with so many Irish claiming Scot, British, Viking, Miliesian roots, who the
Native Irish were? But lets not forget the Martian influence either.
Tom Cassidy
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Subject: Re: FER-GOLD Reiver cousins

> Yes Sue, it is your right to be proud.
> But where Scots and Irish settled in early America was dictated somewhat
> by the English.
> Remember that the English looked down with disdain on both people, but
> hated the Scots most of all.
> And England wanted security buffers between the Indians of the west, whom
> were not too far west in those days, and their Torys whom were plantation
> owners and farmers....as well as traders and merchants.
> So to some degree they settled English on the coast, Irish at the base of
> the nearest mountains, and the Scots on the western side of the mountain
> range.
> The English knew too well that the Irish and Scots would viciously fight
> indians at every opportunity, leaving the British settled lands relatively
> secure.
> more about this, but don't wind me up any tighter.<G>
> donkelly
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> Subject: FER-GOLD Reiver cousins
> Hi All
> I noticed this post....you got my attention lol
> First because I read "Steel Bonnets" and loved it. It helped me to
> understand WHY my border riever Armstrongs were the way they were.
> YES...it is
> only one point of view but it still gave me an insight to realize...back
> then..the "LARGE" picture was SURVIVAL....whether right or wrong...people
> did
> what they did many times because of tradition (or it was all they knew how
> to
> do for years) and Survival!
> Second...amazingly awhile back my son did a report on "Scot-Irish" for his
> American History class. I won't go into details now...but one thing I
> learned from his report (taken from a few sources) was....that many
> Scot-Irish
> came to the US from the early to late 1700s.....they tended to settle in
> isolated areas (mountains etc). When war hit....they were the FIRST to
> defend,
> the first to declare themselves Americans and not just residents of the
> states they lived in, and the first to fight intensely. They were some of
> the
> first to risk their lives and travel into the new territories of America.
> I also learned that though much of America was basically influenced by
> "British" and many History books concentrated on their influence on
> America...it was the Scot-Irish who had an even bigger effect on who we
> became and who
> we are today. For instance......in 1738 they were the ones who pushed
> religious freedom in Virginia. They also helped bring a "commitment to
> general
> education" to America. And there was more...but I'll cut this short for
> now.
> I thought you all might find this interesting. I did.
> Another fact was....when they first came here they were persecuted or
> looked "down on" by a majority British population but that changed after
> they did and their patriotism for their new country. They gained extreme
> respect. And many became great Generals and leaders of this country.
> So...after
> reading Steel Bonnets I may have found understanding "with" pride.... BUT
> I was never more proud then when I read and talked with my son about his
> report.
> Again...only "one" mans view! lol
> Sue in NY
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