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Subject: Re: FER-GOLD Reiver cousins -- Graham, Armstrong
Date: Mon, 28 Dec 2009 19:27:35 +0000 (UTC)
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Dear All-

I watched, what I remember, a History channel documentary on the Pilgrims in Massachusetts.  They mentioned that before the Pilgrims came there were fishermen fishing on the banks of New England before the pilgrims came. They had made contact with the Indians there. I believe that Indians were kidnapped and taken somewhere. I had never heard of this before. One of the Indians had made it back to New England somehow and could speak English enough to help the Pilgrims settle in.

Also, the Melungeons of the United States are another mystery. They apparently have roots to the Middle East or Turkey. I do not remember the exact documentation.

The dates of Columbus and the Pilgrims coming must be updated somehow.


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Subject: Re: FER-GOLD Reiver cousins -- Graham, Armstrong

Yes. When I read a history of any country, I also read the same history by an author in a different country.

One need take care to document here to. One falacy written by idiots in the American History books is that Columbus discovered America, when in fact he never set foot in north America.

I think Leif Erickson probably holds that honor.

Nice discussion here.


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Subject: Re: FER-GOLD Reiver cousins -- Graham, Armstrong

Aye, an excellent book too.  One should keep in mind though that the author
has had the "benefit" of an education and upbringing in "Scotland under
English influence".  There are some decidedly different views on a few wee
bits of history.  ;-)

Cliff. Johnston
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