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Subject: Re: FER-GOLD Protestant reaction to 1829 Emanicpation
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2009 12:34:22 +0100
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You will find a lot about the Battle of Macken and the subsequent trials etc
on line
British Parliamentary Papers on Ireland 1801-1922
This is the link


Go to the advanced search option and put in "Edward Scarlet"...........5 or
6 links come up with some good reading.
You can try some of the other names and see what else comes up.

Unfortunately this source of Irish history on line will not be available
much longer.
The web access to the British Parliamentary Papers on Ireland 1801-1922 from
the University of Southampton will be discontinued on 31st July 2009.

To print or save pages you have to click on the printable page version as
you cannot print the first image that comes up.

There is all sorts of information available in this series from trials,
convicts transported,crimes, assisted emigration, famine, school teachers
including hedge school teachers, late 1800's land purchases by tenants etc
For the early 1800's the old form of "s" was being used and it looked like
an "f" so for names like Johnston use Johnfton as the scanned image picked
it up as an f


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Subject: Re: FER-GOLD Protestant reaction to 1829 Emanicpation

The Battle of Macken appears to be a much more significant event in local
history than we might think. My father has often talked about it. Now, you
need to remember that my father lives in a bit of a time warp - but the
stories he talks about are the ones he heard repeated and repeated when he

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