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Subject: Re: [FERGUSON-DNA] Martha Hammett and John Ferguson of Fauquier andCulpeper Co., VA - Married 1756 in Culpeper Co.
Date: Tue, 03 Aug 2010 16:32:53 -0500
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Hi Richard,

Thank you for responding to my message. I have been corresponding with Miki
Woodard []. She responded to a query I placed asking
about early Warren Co., KY Fergusons. Hopefully she won't mind if I send
you the message she sent me; here it is:

"My maiden name is Ferguson and I descend from the Ferguson family who
settled in Metcalfe. I even have a cousin James Finley Ferguson "Jimbo" who
is no longer living. I always wondered where the Finley came from. I have
lots of info if you are interested. My great grandfather was Rev John
Sherman Ferguson who married Maude Lee Piper. We called him papa Ferguson &
he lived to be 96 years old. I remember visiting him when I must have been
4-5 years old and climbing up in the hospital bed to comb his hair. I have
no other memory him. Papa Ferguson was the son of William Ferdinand Ferguson
& Almeda Mary Ellen Slinker. William Ferdinand Ferguson is the son of James
H Ferguson & Arminta Edwards (they were cousins). James H Ferguson is the
son of John Thomas Ferguson & Sarah Edwards. John Thomas was son of John
Hammett Ferguson & Ann Greene.

"The sons of John Thomas Ferguson & Sarah Edwards are Malinda Ferguson
Slinker (hubby Henry Clay Slinker), David E Ferguson (wife Martha Minor),
James H Ferguson as mentioned above (wife Sarah Edwards), Jane E Ferguson
Piper (hubby Thomas Marshall Piper), Alexander Albert Ferguson (wife Rebecca
Edwards), Henry Calvin Ferguson (wife Prudence "sis" Janes), and Thomas
Millard Ferguson (wife Rutha Montgomery).

"The sons of John Thomas Ferguson came from VA looking for homestead through
Metcalfe KY. All of them hung around Metcalfe with the exception of Thomas
Millard Ferguson. Thomas Millard took off to MO and was never heard from
again but I've since tracked Jim down through records finding out more
information on him and his descendants. If you are interested in knowing
more email me because this doesn't scratch much of the surface."

In the information Shirley Doran gave me several years ago, John Hammett
Ferguson married Ann Greene and he was the son of Martha Hammett and John

She is trying to get her dad to participate, and hopefully he will. It
appears that he is a descendant of Martha and John Ferguson. I'll keep my
fingers crossed that he will join us.

Best wishes,

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Culpeper Co., VA - Married 1756 in Culpeper Co.

Hi Sharon,

My descendancy from Martha Hammett and John Ferguson is still uncertain. 
Before DNA testing, it seemed to be correct.

My ancestor, Elijah Ferguson, was born "in Virginia in about 1775" and his
family "was of revolutionary fame".  He showed up in Wilkinson County, MS in
1806 when he married Elizabeth Jackson there.  DNA has shown that he was
closely related to Moses Ferguson who came to MS at about the same time. 
The families of Elijah and Moses stayed near each other for a long time
after that, attending the same church, marrying children from the same
family, moving to Copiah County, MS and living near each other there.

Since Elijah, showed up in MS in 1806, I concentrated on finding an Elijah
Ferguson who fit him in VA and who disappeared there on or before 1806. 
Elijah, the son of John Ferguson of Culpeper and Martha Hammett seemed to
fit.  I've never found his birth date, but he was too young to serve in the
Rev. War although some of his brothers did and his father John supplied the

When John Ferguson died in 1794, the brothers scattered.  At least one of
them went to South Carolina for a while before ending up in Illinois.  My
assumption was that John went along with his brother to SC where he met the
Jacksons, then went with them to MS.  Now, it sounds like he could have
traveled with Moses Ferguson to MS.

HOWEVER, there is no smoking gun to prove that John of Culpeper was the
father of Elijah.  It's all circumstantial.

I do put considerable weight on the evidence that Elijah came from VA since
it was written by his grandson who was raised by Elizabeth Jackson when his
mother died.

I've been waiting and hoping that, sooner or not too much later, a definite
and known descendant of John Ferguson of Culpeper would sign up for DNA.

Good luck,

Richard (William Richard Ferguson)

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