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From: "Paul and Pam Featherstone" <>
Subject: [FEATHERSTONE] Nevill Bank/Street Frant Road Calverley Road - FEATHERSTONEs in Tunbridge Wells
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 23:16:36 -0000

I’ve tried to collect together our Tunbridge Wells FEATHERSTONEs and all the
relevant bakers from trade directories.

It become interested when you realised Church Hill becomes Frant Road, then
becomes Nevill Street before it comes out at The Pantiles (also known as The
Parade) in Tunbridge Wells. Complications arise because Frant is in the
hundread of Ticehurst and depending on how they recorded things addresses in
Tunbridge Wells could be Tunbridge Wells, Frant or Ticehurst.

We have here:
Frant Road – George
3 Nevill Bank – George, Elizabeth and Frank
6 Nevill Bank – Henry and James
4 Nevill Street – H.
Nevill Street – H.
Nevill Street – George, Elizabeth and Alice
Church Lane – Alfred, Mary and Henry
70+72 The Parade/Pantiles – George, Elizabeth and family

and 22 Camden Road – Solomon, then G. and sons.

This is driving me nuts – I’m back to Tunbridge Wells to investigate further
as soon as I can.


1834 Pigot Directory for South East England
George FEATHERSTONE, baker, Calverley Road, Tonbridge Wells

Census - Aylsford, Tonbridge (ED5)
Page 53 recto Calverly Road
GEORGE FEATHERSTONE, head, 35, baker, born in county
SARAH FEATHERSTONE, wife. 30, unoc, born in county
ANN FEATHERSTONE, dau, 11, born in county
CLARA FEATHERSTONE, dau, 9, born in county
WILLIAM GEORGE FEATHERSTONE, son, 2, born in county
JEREMIAH CUISSMAN, lodger, 15, baker, born in county

census four Featherstone's in Sussex three were bakers.
Edward aged 28 m. to Elizabeth residing in Rye born in Tunbridge Wells, and
a baker,
Alfred aged 28 married to Mary aged 22, born in Seal in Kent residing in
George a servant unmarried aged 22 born in Bromley and a Baker JM, living in
Frant road.
Henry aged 33 m. to Jane he too was a Baker JM and was born in Tunbridge
Wells 6 Nevills Bank.
Frant Road in Tunbridge Wells becomes Nevill Street just before in reaches
The Pantiles.

At 33 Park Street, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Ann E FEATHERSTONE, widow 34 dressmaker born Tunbridge
Clara FEATHERSTONE dau 12 scholar born Tunbridge
Mary Ann FEATHERSTONE dau 10 scholar born St Thomas Boro Surrey
Isabella FEATHERSTONE dau 4 born Tonbridge

Certificate of Henry's birth 13th July 1855 @ Church Lane Ticehurst Father
Alfred Featherstone Mother Mary Featherstone formerly Sorrell

1862 Kellys Directory of Kent
CC FEATHERSTONE, Dry Hill, Tunbridge - baker
H FEATHERSTONE, Nevill Street, Tunbridge Wells - baker
W FEATHERSTONE Up Union Street, Maidstone - baker
W FETHERSTONE Tontine St and Harbour Street, Folkestone - baker

Birth Certificate Alice FEATHERSTONE father George Featherstone mother
Elizabeth Jane Featherstone formerly Steed/ occupation of father - baker
(master)/ informant George Featherstone, father, Nevill Street, Frant 23rd
June 1865

Birth in Registration District Ticehurst Frant in the Counties of Sussex and
Kent Frank FEATHERSTONE born 11 April 1870 at 3 Nevill Bank, Frant son
George Featherstone, master baker, and Elizabeth Jane Featherstone formerly
Startup? (Their query) Registered 24 April 1870

census is shown as living at 70 & 72 Parade, Speldhurst, Kent, England.
George FEATHERSTONE M 51 M Bromley,
Kent, England Rel: Head 0cc: Baker Employing 7 Men & 2 Assistants
Elizabeth FEATHERSTONE M 36 F Tunbridge
Wells, Kent, Rel: Wife
Alice FEATHERSTONE U 15 F Frant,
Sussex, England Rel: Daur
Frederick FEATHERSTONE 14 M Frant,
Sussex, England Rel: Son
Fawkes FEATHERSTONE 12 M Frant,
Sussex, England Rel: Son
Frank FEATHERSTONE 10 M Frant,
Sussex, England Rel: Son
Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England Rel: Son

1887 Kellys Directory of Kent
C C FEATHERSTONE Shipboard Road, Tonbridge - baker
H FEATHERSTONE 4 Nevill Street, Tunbridge Wells - baker
Solomon FEATHERSTONE 22 Camden Road, Tunbridge Wells - baker

As a confectioner
George FEATHERSTONE 70+72 The Parade, Tunbridge Wells

1895 Kellys Directory of Kent
G FEATHERSTONE + sons 22 Camden Road, Tunbridge Wells - baker
George FEATHERSTONE 70+72 ye Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells - baker
Jas FETHERSTONE 17 Tontinest, Folkestone - baker
Mrs Augusta FEATHERSTONE The Pound East Peckham, Tonbridge - baker
Charles Cornelius FEATHERSTONE 13 Shipbourne Road, Tonbridge - baker

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