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From: Diane <>
Subject: [Ess] Bomb factory
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2012 16:57:14 +0000

Hi there list, Diane here.

Last week a bomb was found in a church that they are restoring to the
original state in Upminster Essex UK, what I would very much like to
know is - was there a factory near Upminster or not?

The bomb that they found was an English bomb NOT a German one so what
was the bomb doing in the church do you all think please?

The church was an off spin from St Laurence's church Upminster because
the people didn't like the Rector at the time so they made their own
church a little way down the road. I can't remember what the church was
called but it is opposite Upminster Windmill.

Any information about a bomb factory near or at Upminster Essex would
be most welcome!

The church that they are restoring is in St Mary's Lane Upminster.

Thanks for any information that you might be able to give to me.


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