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From: Ruth Aylett <>
Subject: Re: [Ess] A Strange Marriage
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2012 14:51:54 +0000
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Primitive Methodists were a split from the Methodists with more radical views about equality here on earth that appealed strongly in working class circles. I think many of their members played a role in the Chartist movement and seem to remember George Elliot's Daniel Deronda having Primitive Methodists in it.

Adult conversion to non-conformism was frequent in this period - a whole bunch of my Tillingham Ayletts went Baptist in the 1840s in repines to an inspiring local preacher; all of them had been baptised CofE as infants and a large subset had also married CofE earlier on.

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On 11 Feb 2012, at 14:16, Jenny De Angelis wrote:

> Many people converted from CofE to Methodism in the 1800s in England. I
> believe the methodist preachers visited around the country preaching as they
> went and gaining many converts along the way. I have this espcially so in
> places in Northumberland and the North East of England in general. But it
> was no doubt the same all over the country.
> If a preacher was convincing enough he would probably gain many convert to
> his particular branch of methodism I imagine. There is nothing to stop a
> person baptised as CofE changing to another denomination if he chooses to do
> so.
> Maybe the groom was still CofE when he married and as you say his bride may
> have been baptised as Methodist or was a convert from CofE and they married
> in her church as is more often than not the case, marriages take place in
> the bride's parish as a general rule.
> Read the information in the links that another lister has sent to you. Also
> look at the Genuki pages for England, and Northumberland in particular. It
> is a useful site to have bookmarked.
> Regards
> Jenny DeAngelis
> <<One of the group recently received a marriage certificate, which he
> brought to show us today and to seek advice and comment. Usual stuff groom,
> bride, age, occupation, etc. The shock (for him) came when he saw that the
> couple were married in a Primitive Methodist Chapel in Morpeth
> Northumberland. The minister was Walter Hawchin (? looks like).
> The groom and his father are coal miners and the bride's father is also a
> coal miner.
> According to the owner of the marriage certificate the groom was known to
> have been baptised as c of e. My thought was perhaps the bride was a
> Methodist.
> The question is what is the difference between a "Primitive Methodist" & an
> "Ordinary Methodist"?>>
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