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From: "Karen Dickson" <>
Subject: [Ess] Poor quality of recently scanned registers on ERO pay perview site
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2011 12:24:05 +1100

Is anyone else disappointed with the quality of the recently added parishes?
After waiting for so long for the new service to go live I can't believe how
poor some of the new scans are. The more recent scans don't load at the
same magnification that the older scans do. This has made it difficult, if
not impossible, to read some of the scans. For those that have a
subscription, compare these examples of scans to see what I mean -

Older scan of Ardleigh D/P 263/1/6 (easy to read scan)

Newer scan of Lexden D/P 273/1/13 (hard to read scan)

Newer scan of Langenhoe D/P 401/1/2 (impossible to read scan of newspaper
clippings detailing history of parish)

Is anyone else having these problems or do I need a new pair of specs????



Sydney, Australia

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