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Subject: Re: [Ess] ERO online, thanks for help
Date: Mon, 07 Nov 2011 09:00:27 -0800
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d0 you have a snip tool on your computer? it is under accessories.
I am very computer illiterate, though I do know some basic stuff, but I
stumbled across the snip tool looking for something else, and it is so
easy and simple to use, anything on the web that I want to copy and
paste is now a few clicks away. I can attach the item to an email and,
though I haven't tried to figure out how, probably paste it to just
about anything, word processing programs, blogs, etc. If MS/HP has one,
Apple must have one as well, it's always way ahead of MS.


On 07.11.2011 03:46, Jenny De Angelis wrote:

> HI Anne and others

> Thankyou all for your replies.
> I found that I could right click
on the image and choose to either e.mail it
> to myself or cut and past
it into another programme. I chose to e.mail it
> to myself but that
didn't work properly as the one image out of the 4 that
> did arrive
was a PNG file, whatever that is, and it was so tiny I could not
> read
it. If I enlarged it the text just went fuzzy and unreadable. I could
not do anything with it, i.e could not open it to save in another
application on my computer. I tried cutting and pasting the image but
> didn't work either, nothing came up as a result giving me the
chance to save
> the copy to my computer in any programme or format at
> My husband, who is more computer savvy than I, could not do
anything with it
> either. We spent a couple of hours last night trying
to work it out. In
> the end I tried sending the images using each of 3
e.mail addresses in
> turn, but still the mails would not go from my
outbox. Eventually my mail
> programme seemed to stop working
completely. Every time I hit sned and
> receive I got an error message
telling me that it could not send my e.mails,
> under any of the 3
addresses I was trying to use. Something seems to have
> not been right
with it all.
> This morning I have e.mailed the Essex Ancestors
section of the SEAX site to
> ask them why this happened to me. I am so
disappointed as I found some
> entries in the PRs that I have been
after for a few years and could not
> download the things.
thankyou for your help
> Regards
> Jenny

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