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From: "Pam Dale" <>
Subject: Re: [Ess] Deal Blitz death
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2011 17:57:23 +1000
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Hi Donna

I found that website most interesting. Here in Australia we were far
away from such damage as London, Essex and other counties experienced.
We can only imagine what it was like. Darwin was bombed with some
loss of life and Catalina flying boats in Broome harbour, Western
Australia, were bombed by the Japanese, also with loss of life. The
hospital ship Centaur was hit by a Japanese submarine off the coast of
southern Queensland where many people lost their lives. This ship was
clearly marked with a red cross which identified it as a hospital
ship. The wreckage was found not long ago and there is a memorial at
Tweed Heads on the border of Queensland and New South Wales. There
were some mini-submarines found in Sydney Harbour. There are many
battlements on the northern Australian coastline and coast watchers
waited to report sightings of invading planes or ships. The Battle of
the Coral Sea is well known in Australian WW2 history.

I was but a small child at the time of WW2, but have travelled
extensively within Australia, particularly to the Top End.

Pam in Brisbane Australia

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My father, Don Flint, a Southend man, was a fireman in London during
Blitz. Whilst he was on leave in Southend he and his brother Ron, also
fireman, were recognised in the High Street after the bombing of the

A Fire Officer called to them to remove their jackets and "get stuck
rescuing people from the building. According to their youngest brother
local firemen were quite reluctant but the officer knew that my father
Uncle Ron were used to this type of incident. My father pulled out
bodies from the cellar of the hotel. Both he and Uncle Ron received
commendations for their efforts from the Chief Fire Officer of

There is a photograph of the ruins of the hotel at


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