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Subject: Re: [Ess] Deal Blitz death
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2011 17:20:10 +0100
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I looked up a couple of books for some information as I had not seen a reply
to this

In 'The Blitz - Then and Now' Vol 2 describes a major attack on London on
March 15th by 93 bombers. It also says bombs also fell on a number of places
in the South East on of which was Southend. Bombers targeting London often
dropped bombs wherever rather than return loaded and though Southend was
rarely the target of a raid even though it had a military significance due
to its location at the mouth of the Thames made it handily placed en route
to and from London.

In 'We Died For You' Ellen Deal is listed as being injured at 31 New Road
Leigh on the 15th and died in Southend Hospital on the 17th aged 74 (if I
have interpreted the listing correctly). I also noted that next door at No
30 (New Road is opposite the railway line and had/has houses on one side
only) Bertha Lilian Deal aged 10 was killed as was one Harry Threshold -
although he lived elsewhere in Leigh. There was one other casualty listed in
Southend that night so it was not comparable to the raids on London.

Hope this helps



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Ellen Deal (nee Goff) who was one of the victims of a bombing raid on
Leigh-on Sea in March 1941 is my wife's (Shirley nee Goff) 2nd cousin twice
removed. We would very much like to learn more of the family and of the
details of that and other raid on Southend/Leigh.

I thank you

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