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Subject: Re: [Ess] Good News
Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2011 09:32:08 -0700

one caveat (I think). it appears that SEAX does not have all the
parish records-at least, they might have all the Church of England
Parish records, there's far too many to tell what may be missing, but
they seem to be missing some of the nonconformist records. also, I
don't know if the nonconformist records are included in this scanning
set. they should be, but perhaps SEAX is only focused on CofE records.
it would be a shame for the non-conformist records to be neglected.
there is access to some, through FamilySearch and TheGenealogist, but
most remain unacknowledged and unaccessable in any cohesive format.
On Wed 04/06/11 11:00 PM , "sylvia" sent:
I had emailed SEAX asking why they were copying PR's starting with
beginning years instead of c1837 and going backwards, also (as I had
they had indexed some PR's) whether they could put those online
Thought the response might be of interest to all:
Thank you for your email. We decided to digitise the older parish
registers initially as they are generally harder to read and we felt
that the quality of the images that we obtain would be of more use
reading these particular registers. However, we are currently
the end of a very large project to digitise our post-1700 registers.
cannot yet say when they will be made available on SEAX but we hope
will be later this year. If you like to contact us again in a few
months, we may have more definite news by then. Indexes are usually
compiled by private individuals so there may be copyright
we have no plans to digitise them.
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