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From: "Margaret Taylor" <>
Subject: [Ess] FYI- 'Posthmous Child" noted in Parish registers
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2011 11:04:55 -0400

Searching Parish Registers I came across the following:
Jenny(?) posthmous(sic) daughter of Thomas & Hannah GOYMER bp Jan 9 1741/42

I assumed this implied/meant that Jenny was born after the death of the
mother. However, from the 1854 will of the brother of Hannah GOYMER ( nee
LADYMAN) he notes his sister Hannah GOYMER so obviously she was still alive
in 1854.

Checking on Google I found this explanation:
"A posthumous birth is the birth of a child after the death of a parent.[1]
A person born in these circumstances is called a posthumous child or a
posthumously born person. Most instances of posthumous birth involve the
birth of a child after the death of its father, but the term also is applied
to infants delivered after the death of the mother, usually by caesarean

Just thought the above of interest to anyone who may also come across this
term, and like me assume the mother had died!
Margaret Taylor (Toronto)

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